DIY Faux Branch (With a Twist!)

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Faux branches are awesome, but they can sometimes look kind of fake. And the good ones are expensive!

This DIY fake branch project uses fake to create a really cool faux branch, perfect for minimal decor or a really amazing Halloween decoration! Once you have the right tools, each fake branch will cost less than a dollar.

And I think we all need some new fake plant decor ideas by now, right? 😉

I will show you how to make a dramatic fake plant with faux leather leaves for under a dollar per branch!

How to Make a Faux Branch for Decor

To make a fake branch to use as home decor, you simply start with a real branch, strip the leaves, and glue fabric or paper leaves to the branch ends. Read on for tips on how to achieve the best look.


Step 1: Get a branch

Find a branch with an interesting shape either from your yard or while you’re on a walk. The more little offshoots, the better!

Take your time to really look at the shape. You want something with curves and generous spacing. I like branches that reach out rather than up.

Step 2: Punch out your leaves

Faux leather sheet from the Dollar Tree

Grab a sheet of synthetic leather. I bought mine at Dollar Tree, but I like the backing on this Faux leather much better, and it’s cheaper than the DT version on average.

Lesson learned by me!

Now, punch out a bunch of leaves using a leaf-shaped paper punch.

Punching out leaves from leather with a paper punch.

There isn’t an exact science as to how many you’ll need. Just look at your branch and guess-timate how many it will take to achieve the fullness you want. It’s easy enough to punch out more as needed!

Step 3: Glue leaves to the branch

Leather leaves

Take your pile of faux leather leaves, a glue gun, and your branch, and get to work!

Dab a very small amount of hot glue onto the stem end of a leaf and gently press it onto the end of a branch offshoot.

Glue leather leaves to a branch

Be sure to orient the leaf where it would naturally grow from the branch. If your faux leather has an ugly backing like mine, try your best to face all of the leaves leather side out.

Clip off any little offshoots you don’t like or need to get your ideal branch shape. It’s also ok to leave some of the branch tips leafless!

Step 4: Style your branches

Fake branch with black leather leaves in a green vase against a white wall

Place your branch (or branches) in the vessel of your choosing, and you’re done!

These black leaves are so cool for a spooky Halloween decor moment or even just if you like black. For a softer look, try brown or tan leather, or go with something colorful for more whimsy!

I’m a big fan of crafting with leather. If you are, too, try one of these simple leather crafts for your home next:

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