How to Make Faux Pottery Using Plaster

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Sending flowers is such a thoughtful gesture, don’t you think? But I never know what to do with the vase they come in. The glass flower vase is usually pretty blah at best, ugly at worst. It would be such a waste to throw it out though.

Instead, you can do this easy upcycling project to turn a basic glass florist vase into a chic piece of pottery.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make a faux pottery vase using plaster and an old glass vase.

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Make an old glass flower vase into beautiful faux pottery. All it takes is cheap plaster of paris, plaster cloth, and an optional scrap of leather. Learn the secret to getting the plaster to adhere and NOT CRACK.

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How to Make a DIY Faux Pottery Vase

To make a faux pottery vase you simply coat a basic glass flower vase with a few coats of plaster, then embellish with a small leather remnant. In order to prevent the plaster from chipping off the vase, you need to first create a solid, textured base for the plaster layer to grip.

STart with an old glass vase


Step 1: Cut your plaster cloth into strips

First, you’ll cut your plaster cloth into roughly 2″ wide strips. In order for your plaster to adhere to the smooth glass surface of the vase, you need to create a strong base layer for it to grip. Some people simply spray the vase with primer or paint, but in my experience, this will still leave the plaster vulnerable to cracking off the glass down the road.

Instead, I use plaster cloth gauze — the material that casts are made from — to create a strong shell with a rough texture for added durability. The added bonus to this is that it will smooth over any undesirable details, like the 80s-style swoosh that my vase had.

smooth plaster cloth onto vase

Cut a bunch of strips and, one by one, dip them in water and smooth over the vase in overlapping sections. Let dry overnight.

Step 2: Paint a thick layer of plaster

Use two parts plaster to one part cold water to create the correct plaster consistency for painting

Prepare a small batch of plaster in a 2:1 ratio and paint a thick layer all over your vase.

To prepare, I mixed 2/3 cup of plaster and 1/3 cup cold water together until well combined. You want to keep your batches small because plaster starts to thicken and dry quickly.

Paint on a thick layer of plaster using horizontal strokes

Using a cheap chip brush, paint your vase in thick, horizontal strokes until the entire surface is covered. For my 15″ tall vase I only needed one batch of plaster.

Let dry overnight.

Step 3: Apply final layer of plaster

Using criss cross irregular strokes, add final layer of plaster to your faux pottery vase.

Using the same 2:1 ratio, mix another batch of plaster for your final coat. For this coat, use random criss-cross and up-down strokes to create an organic texture for the final piece. This will also serve to cancel out any remaining horizontal ridges caused by the plaster cloth layer.

Step 4: Add leather cuff

Cut leather if you decide to add a leather cuff.

Cut a wide strip of leather and wrap it around the center of the vase. This step is purely optional, but I had a bunch of leather scraps leftover from my coaster and napkin ring projects, so I figured why not be extra and add a leather cuff?

It’s easy! Simply cut a length of scrap leather to your desired width, wrap it around the center of the vase, and hot glue to secure in the back.

Your faux pottery vase is complete!

Learn to create this faux pottery vessel from and old glass vase and a little bit of plaster!

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