15 Unique Crafts Using Bottle Caps

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You can get really crafty and creative by making some amazing art bottle caps. Bottlecap crafts are a great way to upcycle everyday items you might otherwise have thrown out.

Even if you don’t normally have a stockpile of bottle caps, you can always ask friends and family to save them or buy plain bottle caps in bulk or vintage inspired bottle caps.

Today, we’re sharing some fun bottle crafts with you. There are crafts that use both metal and plastic bottle caps, giving you a selection of fun things to make for both kids and adults.

1. Bottle Cap Tray Upcycle

Bottle cap tray with san miguel bottle and wine glass
Image Credit: Sum of their Stories

I love this idea of upcycling a tray by using bottle caps to give it a whole new look! You can use a mix of random bottle caps, or if you have enough of one kind saved up, you can use that instead.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Tray Upcycle

2. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

Bottle Cap Snowman
Image Credit: Turning the Clock Back

Turn old bottle caps into a cute snowman ornament for the tree. You can decorate the snowman with a colorful ribbon or customize it however you wish.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

3. Bottle Cap Flowers

Image Credit: Suburbia Unwrapped

Paint old bottle caps yellow, white, pink, or any color you want, and turn them into cute garden flowers. You can pop these bottle cap flowers anywhere outdoors to bring in some extra color.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Flowers

4. Bottle Cap Rainbow Magnets

Bottle Cap Rainbow Magnets placed on a can
Image Credit: Turning the Clock Back

Magnets are easy to make, and these colorful rainbow magnets are fun to put together. Only a few supplies are needed to make your own rainbow magnets at home.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Rainbow Magnets

5. Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

Bottle Cap Christmas Tree with lights
Image Credit: Ann’s Entitled Life

With this DIY tutorial, turn old bottle caps into colorful Christmas trees. You can mix and match the bottle caps in holiday colors or create a blue and silver look.

Make his Craft: Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

6. Bottle Cap Art

Bottle Cap Art in a shadow box
Image Credit: Pink Stripey Socks

This is a great way to show off some of the best bottle caps you have collected. Another great idea would be to use bottle caps that have meaning to you and turn them into a home décor keepsake.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Art

7. Princess Bottle Cap Necklaces

Disney Princess Bottle Cap Necklaces
Image Credit: The Farm Girl Gabs

For little girls who love those Disney princesses, you can turn old bottle caps into necklaces for them to wear. They will love showing off their favorite princesses as they play with the necklaces.

Make this Craft: Princess Bottle Cap Necklaces

8. Plastic Bottle Cap Spiders

Bottle Cap Spider Placed on a pot
Image Credit: Katherine Rosman

This bottle cap craft is perfect for kids. It uses plastic bottle caps to make adorable and fun spiders for Halloween.

Make this Craft: Plastic Bottle Cap Spiders

9. Resin Bottle Cap Pins

Resin Bottle Cap Pins With Hunger Games Books
Image Credit: Rae Gun Ramblings

These pins are themed to accompany your favorite movies and can be used as collectibles, wearable pins, or gifts. You can change them to your favorite characters, shows, or movie themes.

Make this Craft: Resin Bottle Cap Pins

10. Bottle Cap Rattlesnake Craft

Bottle Cap Rattlesnake Craft
Image Credit: Moms and Crafters

This rattlesnake craft uses bottle caps, and it even makes a rattle noise as the snake is moved around. This will be a fun craft made with plastic bottle caps for kids.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Rattlesnake Craft

11. Pumpkins

Image Credit: Suburbia Unwrapped

Turn old bottle caps into pumpkins for your fall or Halloween decorations. You can draw cute or scary faces on the pumpkins for even more fun.

Make this Craft: Pumpkins

12. Lady Bug Magnets

Image Credit: Suburbia Unwrapped

Here’s another fun bottle cap magnet craft. Paint the bottle caps red with black dots and add some googly eyes and a magnet piece to make these adorable magnets.

Make this Craft: Lady Bug Magnets

13. Bottle Cap Earrings

Nehi Bottle Cap Earrings
Image Credit: Craft Bits

Jewelry is a great craft to make with old bottle caps. Turn interesting bottle caps with fun labels to make your own jewelry at home.

Make this Craft: Bottle Cap Earrings

14. Bird Puppets

Image Credit: Messy Little Monster

Kids will love making their own bird puppets made from plastic bottle caps. They can add colorful feathers and use various items to decorate the bird faces.

Make this Craft: Bird Puppets

15. Miniature Pies

Miniature Pies
Image Credit: Adventure in a Box

These miniature pies look so realistic! While not edible, bottle caps and clay pies can be used as food accessories for dolls or other small toys. You can glue a magnet to the back and make them magnets.

Make this Craft: Miniature Pies

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