Hey, I’m Brianna

Welcome to my little corner of joy on the internet!

I’ve always loved coming up with ideas and trying them out. Making things just to see if I could. I have a job in design, but sometimes I want to make things that are just plain fun.

You see, like a lot of people, I struggle with anxiety. The clinical kind, not your garden variety nervousness. And one of the things that helps when I’m going through a particularly rough patch is getting out of my head and using my hands to make something. The sense of control, immersing myself in a solvable task, and of course, being proud of the resulting, “Hey, I made that and it’s pretty cool!” is pretty powerful.

Listen, that may not be you, but I think we all feel a little stressed sometimes. And crafting? Making stuff? It’s a great stress-reliever!

Does this resonate with you?

If so, I think you’ll like it here!

My aim here is to share crafts for adults, tweens, and teens that are beautiful, fun, or useful. Sometimes all three!

Whether you’re looking to make some art, a cool basket to store stuff, or projects to celebrate those holidays and seasons that are most special to you — you’ll find it here.

So, my new friend, I invite you to take a short vacation from your worries, pick a project, and go. Make things and feel joy!

My Favorite Craft Supplies