How to Make a Modern Fall Wreath

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Are you looking for a simple fall wreath idea that’s easy to DIY and is affordable (re: cheap)? I’ve got one for you!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make a modern fall wreath, using upcycled fabric and a foam wreath form from the dollar store.

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Make an easy DIY fall wreath using upcycled fabric and a dollar store floral wreath form. A simple, cheap autumn decor idea you can make in under 20 minutes! Click to read the tutorial.

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How to Make a Modern Fall Wreath

To DIY this easy autumn wreath, we’re going to use strips of an old sheet wrapped around a foam wreath form and embellish it with jute and painted paper leaves. If you have an old sheet and some twine hanging around, the cost for this project is only $1!

Materials for your diy fall wreath


Step 1: Wrap wreath form in fabric

Starting with a dab of hot glue, secure the end of the first strip of fabric to the wreath form and wrap tightly. Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the fabric strip, then secure the end with another dab of glue and start with the next strip.

Tip: do all of your glueing on the back of the wreath for the neatest appearance.

Keep wrapping strips of your fabric until the entire wreath form is covered. I used an old white sheet that was destined for the rag bag, but you can use any fabric you happen to have lying around.

Your fully wrapped wreath will look like this. You could stop here if you like a minimalist fall wreath, but let’s keep going…

Step 2: Wrap a portion of the wreath in jute

Next, wrap between one-quarter to two-thirds of the wreath in jute twineHow much you choose to wrap all depends on the look of the wreath you’re going for. I ended up wrapping about one-quarter.

You’ll wrap the jute in the same way you wrapped the fabric, starting with a dab of glue and wrapping tightly. Keep the twine tightly together so no fabric shows through.

I decided to change the direction of my wrap slightly at the end of the section for some added texture, but that’s purely optional.

Your double-wrapped wreath will look like this. Again, you could stop here if you like a modern farmhouse fall wreath, but let’s keep going…

Step 3: Cut out paper leaves

Cut oak leaves out of cardstock

Cut leaf shapes out of cardstock. I decided to do oak leaves because I like their elongated shape. You can either freehand this step or trace a leaf you find outside.

Maple leaves would also make for a beautiful fall wreath accent. You can use colored paper stock, printed paper stock, keep it white, or paint your leaves as I do in the next step.


Step 4: Paint the leaves

paint supplies

If you want, paint the leaves in your color of choice. I opted for realism and went with russet reds, but feel free to go as bold, neutral, or unnatural as your little heart desires!

paint from the center out

Starting from the center “vein” of the leaf, paint in quick, loose strokes out to the edges of the leaf.

spread paint with water

Go over these first, dark strokes with a paintbrush dipped in water, spreading the color in a light flood to the edges of the leaf shape.

paint detail

Take a smaller brush dipped in paint and add in some smaller detail strokes, again from the center leading out to the edges. This isn’t an exact science — just keep adding color until you like how it looks!

Step 5: Glue leaves to the wreath

Finally, decide where you want the leaves and hot glue them to the wreath. Hold them on with your hand, up against the wall to be sure you like how the wreath is oriented and where you’re placing the leaves before committing to the glue.

Another pretty embellishment to this wreath would be to add a seasonal word in a script font. Take a look at my tutorial to learn how to make a lightweight wire word to add to your autumn wreath!

Your easy autumn wreath is complete!

Finished autumn wreath on black wall with oak leaves

Not sure how to hang it? Wreath hangers are always winners or try one of my methods for hanging a paper flower.

This fall wreath idea is so pretty and easy to make. You could DIY a whole wall of them with different leaf colors and shapes if you were feeling ambitious one afternoon! How cool would that be?

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