3 Scandi Holiday Decorations You Can Make With Dried Orange Slices

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Dried orange slices are a beautiful material to decorate your home, especially during the holidays. Here are three easy crafts you can make with dried orange slices for the holidays!

Not sure how to make dried orange slices? Here’s a guide on how to easily dry orange slices.

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Learn to make 3 different Christmas decorations using dried orange slices. We'll make a wreath, a swag, and ornaments using oven dried orange slices and a few simple craft materials.

How to Make a Dried Orange Wreath

Materials for wreath:

To make a dried orange wreath, you need dried orange slices, a grapevine wreath form, and a Glue gunFor my wreath, I used a 6-inch grapevine form, but you can go as large as you’d like. Squirt a dab of hot glue on the white pith edge or skin of the orange slice and press it to the wreath to adhere.

It’s important to apply the glue to the skin because it’s the highest point of the slice. If you add glue to the orange flesh, you might not catch the wreath with the glue.

Continue gluing slices in overlapping layers until you’re happy with the look. You might choose to embellish your wreath with bay leaves and nutmeg, as I did in the video below:

How to Make Dried Orange Ornaments

Materials for ornaments:

To make dried orange ornaments, you need dried orange slices, Jute twine, and a Glue gunSimply cut 4″ – 6″ lengths of twine (longer for ornaments that hang lower, shorter to hang higher), and glue the ends to make a loop.

Then, glue the loop to the back of the orange slice. Easy peasy! Watch the video below for a demonstration:

How to Make a Dried Orange Swag

Materials for swag:

To make a dried orange swag, you need dried orange slices, Jute twine, a Glue gun, and some pine clippings. Gather your pine clippings (I used three in lengths varying from 12″ – 18″) and hold the branch ends together.

This will be the top of your swag. Wrap in jute twine and glue to secure. Glue three orange slices to the top in an arrangement that looks good to you. Watch the video below for a demonstration:

Now you’re all set for the fall season, the holidays, and beyond!

Dried orange slices are a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and are incredibly easy to make!

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