DIY Ballerina Paper Craft

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I really love the paper ballerina craft—it’s absolutely adorable and so much fun! My girls, who dream of being ballerinas, also enjoy making it. They get a kick out of crafting their own beautiful ballerinas with lovely tissue paper tutus. It’s the ideal craft for a toddler or any little (aspiring) dancer. This craft is great because it uses materials that are easy to find at home, like paper, cotton, and glue.

It’s a fantastic activity for kids, helping them develop fine motor skills through cutting and gluing. Plus, it’s a hands-on project that keeps them engaged.

Here’s a simple DIY guide, along with a printable, to make it easy to follow along.


How to Make a Ballerina from Craft Paper

Step 1 – Prepare the Shapes

Download the printable template and carefully cut out the different shapes.

This is what the cut out of the ballerina will look like.

Step 2

Place the shapes you just cut onto colored craft paper that matches each one, trace them, and then cut out these new pieces.

Step 3

To make the ballerina’s arms, fold an oval-shaped piece of paper in half and cut out a semi-circle at the fold. Unfold it to see the arms.

Step 4

For the tutu, make small cotton balls and glue them onto the fabric area. For the hair, cut a half-circle the same size as the head and cut a smaller piece to form the bangs.

Step 5

Assemble the ballerina by gluing the different shapes together, as shown in the image provided.

Step 6

Draw the eyes and mouth on the ballerina’s face using markers. You can also add other accessories like ribbons or stickers to enhance the appearance.

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