10 DIY Piggy Banks

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These DIY piggy banks are a fun way to save money. Getting your kids involved in making their own piggy banks is an excellent way to teach them the value of saving and earning money.

You can easily create these piggy banks with basic supplies found around your home or available at a local dollar store. Kids will enjoy the process of crafting their own savings container, and it’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about managing money.

Here are fun piggy bank ideas that you can make at home.

1. Tissue Box Piggy Bank

Tissue Box Piggy Bank
Image Credit: Plate in 28

Using a tissue box, it’s easy to make your own piggy bank.  This one uses a tissue box, pencil/marker, construction paper, and glue. It’s perfect for young children to help make.

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2. Paper Mache Dino Bank

Blue and Red Paper Mache Dino Bank
Image Credit: Red Ted Art

Another way to make a piggy bank is to use the paper mache method. Similar to pinatas, these dino banks are made with paper mache and kids will love helping create and design them.

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3. Worldly Mason Jar Bank

travel-themed map Mason jar bank.
Image Credit: Pillar Box Blue

Mason jars can be used to make a variety of different things, including piggy banks. These travel style piggy banks would be a great way to save money for upcoming trips or vacations.

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4. Tin Can Piggy Bank

Pink Tin Can Piggy Bank
Image Credit: Little Ladoo

Using an old tin can to make a DIY piggy bank is a fun idea. This fun piggy bank is made to look like a little piggy by using a tin can, some paint, cardboard, and a few other simple supplies.

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5. Animal Cracker Jug Piggy Bank

Animal Cracker Bear Jug Piggy Bank
Image Credit: Repurpose and Upcycle

Once the animal cookie jars are empty, turn them into a cute piggy bank with some paint and creativity. Choose your favorite colors and add a scarf to create a special and unique piggy bank.

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6. Superhero Piggy Banks

Mason Jar Banks Painted with Superman and Batman design
Image Credit: Fireflies and Mud Pies

For kids who love superheroes, these Batman and Superman piggy banks would be the perfect way to start saving. The banks are made with mason jars for an easy piggy bank project.

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7. Iggly Piggly Piggy Bank

Pink Iggly Piggly Piggy Bank
Image Credit: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Another fun paper mache bank craft that the kids can help you make. This one is made to look like a pig and is super cute.

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8. Pretty Piggy Bank

White Piggy Bank decorated with decoupage
Image Credit: Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Super cute and fun, this colorful DIY piggy bank is made with paper mache and will be fun to decorate. 

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9. Upcycled Piggy Bank

Upcycled Piggy Bank with Handprint design
Image Credit: Mama in the Now

Use boxes from purchased products to turn them into a creative piggy bank. This one uses a box you typically get when purchasing beauty or baby products.

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10. Pot o’ Gold Piggy Bank

A hand putting a coin inside a pot o’ gold piggy bank with rainbow holder
Image Credit: Playground Parkbench

Here is a fun DIY piggy bank that kids can make with some pipe cleaners, a canning jar, and a few crafting supplies.

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