16 Button-Inspired Craft Projects for Endless Fun

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Buttons aren’t just for clothing—they’re versatile enough for various crafts, offering a fun outlet for creativity.

For seasoned crafters seeking intricate projects or beginners looking for easy button crafts, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 16 button crafts you are going to love. Make something special this summer.

Colorful Button Canvas Painting

button canvas painting
Image Credit: Craft Your Happy Place

This button craft is simple and fun, and the kids love it. It’s a wonderful activity you can enjoy together, and you’ll end up with a beautiful piece of art for your home. All you need are buttons (all shapes and sizes) and a small blank canvas.

Make this Craft: Colorful Button Canvas Painting

Rainbow Button Art

Rainbow Button
Image Credit: Creatively Beth

Use an assortment of colorful buttons and this free printable to create your own rainbow button art. It’s a great summer project that will add cheer and color to your home.

Make this Craft: Rainbow Button Art

Butterfly Button Art

Butterfly Button Art
Image Credit: Creatively Beth

Create a cute and colorful Monarch butterfly made from buttons. You can make this as a craft with the kids or use the butterfly to create wall art for your home.

Make this Craft: Butterfly Button Art

Embroidered Button Flower Bag

Embroidered Button Flower Bag
Image Credit: Creatively Beth

This adorable bag made with buttons can be used to store items. It’s an easy-to-make DIY craft.

Make this Craft: Embroidered Button Flower Bag

Framed Button Snowman Craft

Framed Button Snowman Craft
Image Credit: Ann’s Entitled Life

This winter-themed framed art is a delightful DIY project featuring buttons. Use buttons to craft the perfect snowmen, then frame the picture for a lovely home decoration or table centerpiece.

Make this Craft: Framed Button Snowman Craft

Carrot Button Craft

Carrot Button Art Craft
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

This DIY craft uses buttons to create charming carrots, perfect for adding whimsy to your home decor in spring. It’s also a fun project for the Easter holiday.

Make this Craft: Carrot Button Craft

Button Wind Chime

Rainbow Button Wind Chime
Image Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Spice up your front or back porch with a colorful button wind chime! This summer DIY craft is fun and kid-friendly, making it a perfect family project.

Make this Craft: Button Wind Chime

Button Clutch

Button Clutch Bag
Image Credit: Sum of their Stories

Create your own stylish clutch bag using buttons! This easy and enjoyable project requires just a few supplies to complete.

Make this Craft: Button Clutch

Button Bouquet

Button Bouquet in a Cotton Reel with joy written on it
Image Credit: Sum of their Stories

Here’s another delightful DIY craft using buttons: a charming button bouquet! Make flowers with buttons and wire for stems, and repurpose an empty cotton spool as a vase for a whimsical touch.

Make this Craft: Button Bouquet

Button Cluster Keychain

Button Cluster Key Ring
Image Credit: Sum of their Stories

If you’re seeking a simple at-home craft, try these button cluster keychains!

Make this Craft: Button Cluster Keychain

10. Fabric Yoyo Flowers

Fabric Yoyo Flowers hang on a door knob
Image Credit: Seam Whisperer

Make an adorable door hanger out of buttons, fabric, felt, and scrap fabric. These yo-yo flowers make a great spring or summer craft.

Make this Craft: Fabric Yoyo Flowers

Watermelon Button Art

Watermelon button art
Image Credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Get creative with this watermelon button art, a perfect summer craft that the kids can join in on. Spruce up your summer BBQs and gatherings with this fun addition to your table decor.

Make this Craft: Watermelon Button Art

Easy Button Bracelet

Button Bracelet
Image Credit: Easy Crafty Pattern

Make these colorful button bracelets to wear this summer. Mix it up with different shapes and color buttons.

Make this Craft: Easy Button Bracelet

Wood Christmas Bell Craft

Wood Christmas Bell Craft with Buttons
Image Credit: Mama Likes This

Make an easy holiday craft out of a wood bell and buttons. Kids can help make this button bell ornament to hang on the Christmas tree.

Make this Craft: Wood Christmas Bell Craft

Resin Button Coaster

Resin Coasters DIY with Buttons
Image Credit: Laura Kelly

Get creative with resin and buttons to make coasters for your home. You can use a variety of button colors, create special shapes, or use just one color.

Make this Craft: Resin Button Coaster

Button Canvas

Button Flowers Canvas
Image Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Create a beautiful art canvas for your home simply with paint and buttons. The flowers are made from large and mini-buttons.

Make this Craft: Button Canvas

16. Whale Card

Whale Mother’s Day Card
Image Credit: The Soccer Mom Blog

Encourage the kids to craft this adorable whale card featuring buttons! It’s perfect for special occasions or just for some creative fun with friends and family.

Make this Craft: Whale Card

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