DIY Colorful Button Canvas Painting

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I am always looking for fun craft ideas that I can make with my kids. And now that my kids are past the stage of putting everything in their mouths, buttons have become a favorite crafting material!

We often have extra buttons lying around, which are fantastic for adding a special touch to little projects and for quick decoration.

That said, I think you’re going to love this project. This button craft is simple and fun, and the kids love it. It’s a wonderful activity you can enjoy together, and you’ll end up with a beautiful piece of art for your home.

I’ll show you just how to make this beautiful, colorful button canvas painting.

button canvas painting

Materials Needed


Step 1: Sort Buttons

Start by sorting the buttons that you like with your child. I allowed my child to pick all the buttons she liked. However, you can sort buttons by size, such as large and small, or color-coordinate the buttons.

Step 2: Apply Glue on Canvas

We applied glue all over the canvas. You can also choose a particular shape, like a circle or heart. We opted to glue the entire canvas so that we could cover it entirely with buttons. I felt this was much easier to play with with less room for error.

Step 3: Place the Buttons

Begin taking buttons and placing them all over the canvas. My child placed the buttons wherever she wanted. To create some symmetry and cohesiveness, I filled in the blank areas with buttons of varying sizes. This was a team effort so my child did not mind.

button canvas painting

Now, while you and your child place the buttons on top of the glue, you may get a bit on your fingers. But that’s okay. If that happens, have a damp rag nearby to wipe off the glue easily.

button canvas painting

Step 4: Give it Time to Dry

Allow the canvas to dry to create a colorful work of art.

button canvas painting

Once it is dry, you can display it in the kids’ room or somewhere that needs a pop of color.

button canvas painting

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