15 Clothespin Crafts Easy Enough for Anyone To Make

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Who said clothespins are only for hanging laundry? These small, crafty pieces of wood are fantastic for crafting. They can spark a great deal of creativity and imagination. Clothespin crafts are affordable, easy to make, and perfect for engaging kids in creative activities.

With many fun and imaginative project ideas available, you’ll never run out of crafts to keep the little ones entertained. Clothespins can be transformed into almost anything you envision. Gather some from around your house or pick up a few at a craft store, and you’re ready to start crafting with your kids.

These easy-to-make clothespin crafts are suitable for kids and adults, ensuring endless fun and creativity. Here are 15 crafts you can try today.

1. Rustic 3D Clothespin Star

Rustic 3D Clothespin Star
Image Credit: Single Girl’s DIY

Glue clothespins together to create a star to add some flair to your vintage or farmhouse décor. You can paint the clothespins to give them some color. These are painted with dark brown craft paint to give it a rustic, unique look.

Make this Craft: Rustic 3D Clothespin Star

2. Clothespin Worry Dolls

Clothespin Worry Dolls
Image Credit: Homan at Home

For little ones who may be anxious, worry dolls are here to help ease them, and you can make your own worry dolls at home with just a few supplies. It’s a simple craft for kids, allowing them to speak their emotions safely to their worry doll.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Worry Dolls

3. Rudolph Clothespins

Rudolph Clothespins
Image Credit: The Soccer Mom Blog

For the holidays, you can make this fun Rudolph clothespin craft. You can turn the clothespins into picture holders or noteholders. Glue a magnet to the back of the clothespin craft, and you have a fun and festive Christmas magnet to put on the fridge.

Make this Craft: Rudolph Clothespin

4. Clothespin Crocodiles

Crocodile Clothespin
Image Credit: The Inspiration Edit

Paint the clothespins green and use googly eyes for the face to make a cute crocodile. You can add a green pipe cleaner on top of the clothespin to make the back, use red paint inside the clothespin to make the tongue, and use white poster board to make the teeth.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Crocodiles

5. Sunflower Clothespin Wreath

Sunflower Clothespin Wreath
Image Credit: Single Girl’s DIY

Use painted yellow clothespins and a pizza pan to make a summer wreath for your door. This bright and beautiful wreath is easy to make and only takes a few supplies.

Make this Craft: Sunflower Clothespin Wreath

6. Bride and Groom Clothespins

Bride and Groom Clothespins
Image Credit: Family Focus Blog

This cute and inexpensive bride-and-groom clothespin craft is fun to make. Use them as bridal shower gifts so friends and family can have a little keepsake for the occasion.

Make this Craft: Bride and Groom Clothespins

7. Clothespin Butterflies

Butterfly Doily Craft
Image Credit: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Another fun summer project for kids: these butterflies are made with painted doilies and clothespins. Create various colored butterflies and turn them into magnets for the fridge.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Butterflies

8. Pom Pom Fairies

Pom Pom Dolly Peg Fairies
Image Credit: Red Ted Art

These fairies are twirling around, and they are something the kids can help make and play with. The fairy dresses are made with fabric scraps, tulle, and wine. You can paint the faces and top of the dresses on the wooden clothespin pegs.

Make this Craft: Pom Pom Fairies

9. Flip Flop Clothespin Wreath

Flip Flop Pink Clothespin Wreath
Image Credit: Two Kids in A Coupon

Perfect for spring or summer, this cute and colorful flip-flop clothespin wreath is easy to make. All the supplies are available at the Dollar Store, making it a fun and affordable craft.

Make this Craft: Flip Flop Clothespin Wreath

10. Clothespin Red Birds

Red Bird Craft With Feathers
Image Credit: Two Kids in A Coupon

These cute red birds only use a few supplies, and the kids will enjoy putting them together. You can turn them into magnets, use them as chip closers, or let the kids put on a puppet show with them.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Red Birds

11. Clothespin Mermaids

Clothes Pins Mermaid

This is another fun and creative clothespin craft for kids. Kids will have fun turning the clothespins into colorful mermaids. Let them use their imaginations to make different mermaids. 

Make this Craft: Clothespin Mermaids

12. Pyrography Clothespin Craft

Pyrography Clothespin Craft
Image Credit: Sum of Their Stories

Learn how to decorate clothespins with pyrography. Get creative with the designs, use them for other projects, or turn them into magnets.

Make this Craft: Pyrography Clothespin Craft

13. Clothespin Patriotic Wreath

Clothespin Patriotic Wreath
Image Credit: Mommy Evolution

Show your patriotic spirit by making this clothespin wreath for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. Hang it on the door to welcome friends and family in, or use it as an outdoor decoration while celebrating with them.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Patriotic Wreath

14. Clothespin Vase

Clothespin Vase for St. Patrick’s Day
Image Credit: Day by Day in our World

Use a clothespin to make a vase and place it in any room. This one is green for St. Patrick’s Day, but you can change the colors to match your décor or any holiday.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Vase

15. Clothespin Flowers

Clothespin Flowers
Image Credit: The Best Ideas For kids

Another fun clothespin craft for spring and summer, these clothespin flowers are bright and colorful. The tulip flowers are made with paper, and the stems are made with painted green clothespins.

Make this Craft: Clothespin Flowers

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