15 Cute Crafts That Use Beads

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Are you wondering what to do with leftover beads? Bead crafts are an excellent way to transform those beads into something unique and imaginative.

Many bead crafts are designed for kids, but we’ve also discovered some fantastic options for adults. That’s right, we’ve included a variety of bead crafts, so there’s something for everyone!

These beaded crafts are perfect for any time of the year. Whether you’re looking for spring or summer projects, holiday decorations, or a fun indoor activity for kids, these crafts offer plenty of options.

1. Napkin Rings

wooden beads napkin rings
Image Credit: Sheri Silver

Make these adorable napkin rings with beads and leather cording. They will add an elegant touch to your dinner table and make a great addition to dinner parties and special events.

Make this Craft: Napkin Rings

2. Large Wooden Bead Dragonfly

wooden bead dragonfly on a piece of wood
Image Credit: A Crafty Mix

Use wooden beads and a few other simple supplies to create your own large dragonflies. You can add them to your other home décor projects or set them out on your coffee or side tables as decorations. 

Make this Craft: Large Wooden Bead Dragonfly

3. DIY Moon Décor

Moon Decor
Image Credit: Rekindle my Dwelling

Turn pearl style beads into fun moon wall art with this tutorial. You can use any beads or pearls to make this craft work.

Make this Craft: DIY Moon Décor

4. Pipe Cleaner Bracelets with Beads

Pipe Cleaner Bracelets With Beads
Image Credit: Rekindle my Dwelling

This is probably one of the easiest crafts that uses beads. Pipe cleaners are strung with beads to make colorful bracelets. Kids will have a blast making these and showing off their new jewelry.

Make this Craft: Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

5. DIY Suncatcher with Glass Beads

Suncatchers with Glass Beads
Image Credit: Single Girl’s DIY

Using a mason jar lid, some string, colorful beads, and some other cheap craft supplies, you can easily make your own suncatchers. Get creative and make different designs for the summer.

Make this Craft: DIY Suncatcher with Glass Beads

6. Easy DIY Bubble Wands

Colorful Bubble Wands
Image Credit: One Crazy Mom

Let the kids have some summer fun with bubbles. You can make these easy DIY bubble beads at home with some beads and pipe cleaners.

Make this Craft: Easy DIY Bubble Wands

7. Denim and Bead Wind Chime

Denim Wind Chime With Beads And Charms
Image Credit: A Crafty Mix

Recycle an old pair of jeans and grab some stylish beads to create your own wind chime. It’s a fun, upcycled craft you can make and unique.

Make this Craft: Denim and Bead Wind Chime

8. Purse Charms

Image Credit: Red Ted Art

Create colorful zipper pulls for your purse with some beads and pom poms. It’s an easy craft with beads kids or adults can make.

Make this Craft: Purse Charms

9. DIY Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders with colorful beads
Image Credit: My Thrift Life

You can make your own bird feeder at home out of beads and other recycled materials. Hang them up in the spring and summer and enjoy the birds that visit your yard.

Make this Craft: DIY Bird Feeder

10. Mason Jar Wind Chime

Mason Jar Wind Chime
Image Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Here’s another fun craft using beads. Use a mason jar as the base, fill it with rocks, and string beads to create the colorful ropes that hang down. Hang it up outside, and as the wind blows, you’ll hear the beads lightly tapping together.

Make this Craft: Mason Jar Wind Chime

11. Boho Leather Planter

Boho-Styled Leather Tillandsia Planter
Image Credit: A Crafty Mix

To add some style to your home, create this boho leather tillandsia planter. Beads, feathers, and a few other supplies are needed to make the planter.

Make this Craft: Boho Leather Planter

12. Wood Bead Garland

Marbled Spring Wood Bead Garland with flower vase and quote frame
Image Credit: Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Wooden beads are fun to work with and make the perfect garland. You can paint them in spring colors and use them as accessories for your home décor.

Make this Craft: Wood Bead Garland

13. Gypsy Feather Pendant

Colorful Gypsy Feather Pendant
Image Credit: Craft Bits

This is a unique craft that pairs feathers and beads. This gypsy-style feather pendant is perfect for those who love the bohemian or gypsy style.

Make this Craft: Gypsy Feather Pendant

14. Beaded Wreath for Christmas

Image Credit: Fun-A-Day

Make this easy beaded wreath for the holidays, or turn it into a craft for kids on Christmas break. You can add names or sayings to the wreath and turn it into an ornament.

Make this Craft: Beaded Wreath for Christmas

15. Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

Colorful Beaded Christmas Tree
Image Credit: Simple Living Creative Learning

These adorable, beaded Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for hanging on the tree. You can use your favorite colors of beads to make them to your liking.

Make this Craft: Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

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