The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid

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Anyone who has said that snacking is “harmful” is gravely misinformed. A great strategy to satisfy cravings and prevent overindulging in bad foods is to consume a nutritious snack between meals high in protein, fiber, and beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. However, the unhealthy snacks that might make you feel even more hungry and even ruin your health objectives are the highly processed, high-sodium, high-saturated-fat snacks.

Choosing snacks that are low in fiber or protein most of the time leaves you feeling hungry and unfulfilled, which not only negates the whole point of snacking but may also eventually lead to overeating. So, what are some of the worst snacks you should avoid that you can usually purchase at the grocery store?

Swiss Rolls

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Despite their diminutive size, these cakes are quite powerful. For instance, one box of Swiss Rolls would provide more than 10% of a person’s daily caloric intake if they consume around 2,000 calories. While an extra 280 calories may not seem like much initially, they can make or break a person’s diet. Furthermore, more than 100 of those 280 come from fat, which makes it even more unhealthy.

The sugar and corn syrup, which are the first two components, are the icing on the cake. After eating one, the only energy you would receive would be from the thrill that would come right after that. You may enjoy a richer and more satisfying reward for the same metabolic cost.

Town House Flatbread Crisps Sea Salt & Olive Oil

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Town Houses’ Flatbread Crisps may seem healthful at first glance and in name, yet each ingredient may have unfavorable health impacts. The flour used to make the crackers is refined flour, which contains more carbohydrates than natural flour. Compared to other varieties, sea salt is less processed but has less iodine, which is essential for optimum health.

Additionally, there’s a potential that microplastics have polluted it. Furthermore, olive oil contains many fatty acids—especially when compared to other oils made from vegetables. 

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Tangy Chili Fusion

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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These Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Tangy Chili Fusion snacks might not seem all that horrible when you first look at the nutrition facts. Still, looking at the ingredients list, you’ll see that these cheesy snacks contain Red 40 Lake and Yellow 5 Lake, two dyes connected to harmful health effects. 

Also, you’re still eating a snack with very little protein or fiber, even without these artificial colorings, which isn’t good enough for a satisfying, full snack. 

Chex Mix Bold Party Blend

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Chex Mix includes several healthy choices, such as rye chips and almonds, so one may easily believe it would be healthier. Unfortunately, it has a lot of salt, much like other savory dishes. The Bold Party mix contains about 25% of the recommended daily salt consumption in only one cup.

The product is made using many types of oil, which contributes to its overall unhealthiness. Additionally, because the portions are modest, it might be simple to overeat inadvertently. Classic trail mix has a greater protein level; therefore, we still suggest going with it even if it may include some harmful ingredients.

Ritz Bits Cheese Sandwich Crackers

 The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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“These tiny sandwich nibbles are deficient in fiber and protein,” claims Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, our Medical Expert Board member and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim.

“This makes it a very low-protein and low-fiber snack while high in fat.” Put otherwise, it won’t satisfy you or make you feel full.

Lay’s Classic Chips

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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A staple, potato chips come in a variety of international varieties. Regretfully, they are among the least healthful foods to eat. For instance, several of Lay’s varieties are tasty yet devoid of nutrients. In contrast, a serving of the original taste may include only 160 calories and over 400 milligrams of salt. The sodium levels, in particular, are startling.

Regretfully, other types of chips are also unhealthy. Other classic flavors—like barbecue—also present issues. The chili cheese kind of Fritos is manufactured with the same caramel coloring as some sodas, which can harm one’s health. Even their corn-based versions aren’t healthy.

Kellogg’s Frosted Strawberry Pop-tarts

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Pop-Tarts have been around for a while and are a popular breakfast choice for individuals who are short on time. However, this is one of the worst snack choices you can make regarding your health.

In addition to being poor in fiber and protein and high in salt, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts also include ultra-processed components, including soybean oil and refined flour, as well as three distinct kinds of sugar: high-fructose corn syrup, refined white sugar, and corn syrup.

Cheetos Puffs

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Being corny is hard work. Although delightful, there are several health risks associated with this indulgence. Limiting to just one dish is difficult, but a serving has 160 calories. It’s only reasonable to wonder how much salt is in several bowls of the snack, as that single serving has about 300 mg.

Yellow 6, the dye responsible for the brand’s distinctive orange hue, is another crunchy and puffy Cheetos component. Large use of this color may potentially have harmful consequences on health.

Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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The goal of a snack is to sustain hunger between meals without making you feel famished. You’re consuming more nutritious units when those morsels are deficient in particular nutrients. Snyder’s pretzel bits, particularly the buffalo wing taste, are one illustration of this.

Even though they look full, they only contain a few grams of protein and less than one gram of fiber, so you will need more to feel satisfied. Additionally, there aren’t many vitamins in the diet. Therefore, its only nutritional worth is energy. This “empty” meal will not satisfy your appetite and may even cause you to eat more than you intended.

Nutri-Grain Strawberry Bars

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Occasionally, all you have time for before leaving for work or school is to grab something quickly. Nutri-Grain fruit bars could appear to be the easiest and most satisfying choice. Regretfully, though, they have very little fiber, so you’ll probably feel hungry again after eating them. Furthermore, even if the nutritional facts don’t appear all that horrible, the list of ingredients tells a very different tale.

Because each bar contains a variety of sugars and chemicals, it is more of a dessert than a snack. A slice of fruit is an additional choice for individuals pressed for time; although it could include fructose, it comes from a natural source.

Nutty Buddy

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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A Nutty Buddy is tasty in every way but not particularly healthy. These chocolate-covered wafer cookies with peanut butter are a delicious treat, though it is better to consume them in moderation. The wafers give the bars a lighter texture, yet each contains three distinct fat types, totaling 18 grams per serving.

Although chocolate has few health advantages, it is high in lactose and has been linked to obesity when consumed in large quantities over an extended period. When all the components are combined, they account for around 40% of your daily sugar intake.


The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
Photo provided by Alexa_Fotos

Although chocolate bars have never been considered healthful, Twix raises the bar considerably. A single serving has much more sugar than one might anticipate from a bar this size. This is probably because it contains caramel, which comprises various fructose forms.

That and the chocolate result in an overly sweet and dangerously delicious delicacy. Two bars contain 12 grams of fat, seven of which are saturated. We recommend eating dark chocolate if you want chocolate—it tastes great and is better for you than other candies.

Snack Pack Pudding

The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
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Even though the cups are labeled as “snack packs,” we recommend only using them for dessert. They are extremely harmful in addition to being lacking in substance. Even without all the chemicals that come with the mass-produced version, pudding is already harmful. Yellows 5 and 6 are included in the brands’ vanilla pudding; it has been discovered that Yellow 6 may induce cancers in people.

The extra sugar doesn’t help its predicament, either. Even when the treatment has a low cholesterol level, unfavorable consequences still exist. Yogurt provides probiotics and calcium while satisfying your appetite for something sweet and creamy.


The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
Photo provided by Evan-Amos

Sadly, the modifications made to the Oreo formula over time haven’t resulted in any healthier treats. Although they finally stopped using the lard to make them, they now use canola and palm oil. Even though they are a better source of nutrients than fat, they can raise cholesterol. Furthermore, there is a little misperception that the cookies are a healthier choice since they are vegan.

They might not include any animal products, but they contain high-fructose corn syrup, which, if consumed in excess, might eventually have negative health impacts. Even though the brand has made significant improvements, it’s crucial to remember that this is still dessert food and should only be consumed seldom.


The 15 Worst Snacks You Should Avoid
Photo provided by Larry D.Moore

Twinkies are renowned in pop culture. The cakes are essentially nutrient-free, including calcium. They are vitamin deficient, with approximately 30 grams of pure sugar per serving. Moreover, 35 milligrams of cholesterol are present. The maximum amount of cholesterol that may be consumed each day is 300 mg, and consuming too much over an extended length of time might eventually result in certain cardiovascular diseases.

Twinkies’ low fiber content overloads your system with fructose, which may raise blood sugar levels. While enjoying a sweet treat sometimes is OK, doing so too frequently may eventually cause other issues, such as harm to the nerves and vision.

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