16 Easy Paper Flower Crafts to Try This Spring

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Paper flower crafts are so much fun. They are great if you love crafting or are looking for a fun activity with the kids -these projects are enjoyable for everyone.

Paper crafts are especially charming since they’re simple to make and offer a chance to use beautiful spring colors. Plus, they require only basic supplies you probably already have on hand if you’ve done any crafting before.

We’re excited to share some flower crafts that are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. These activities let you get creative, add your personal touch, and have fun celebrating the beauty of any season!

1. DIY Paper Flower Lantern

paper flower
Image Credit: Crafy Your Happy Place

This paper flower lantern is so pretty and does a great job lighting up a dark room. The basic method for creating this paper flower lamp is to cut petals, glue them to a cardstock base, and attach the puck light to the center. If you have some basic materials, the total cost to make each lamp is a little over $3.

Make this Craft: How to Make a DIY Paper Flower Lantern

2. 3D Spring Flower Craft

Image Credit: In The Playroom

Use the free printable template provided to create these adorable 3D spring flowers. To get even more creative, create beautiful bouquets with different colors.

Make this Craft: 3D Spring Flower Craft

3. Paper Plate Flower Garden with Bees

Paper Plate Flower Garden & Bee Craft
Image Credit: Crafty Kids Play

Kids can make another fun flower craft this spring and summer. The base is a paper plate and then you have these cute flowers popping up and a bee ready to help pollinate.

Make this Craft: Paper Plate Flower Garden with Bees

4. Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers
Image Credit: Single Girl’s DIY

With this easy flower craft, you can make your own flowers out of coffee filters. The result is a colorful hydrangea-looking flower that you can use for decoration.

Make this Craft: Coffee Filter Flowers

5. Sunflower Paper Craft

Sunflower Paper Craft
Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Perfect for summer, kids can put together this cute paper sunflower craft. You can use a free printable template to cut the pieces needed for the flower.

Make this Craft: Sunflower Paper Craft

6. Origami Tulip Cards

Easy origami greeting cards
Image Credit: Fluxing Well

These cute origami tulip cards are easy to make. Kids can create the cards for a special occasion or pass them out to friends, family, or neighbors for fun.

Get This Recipe: Origami Tulip Cards

7.  Paper Tulips

Tilly's mum order tulip flower
Image Credit: Miss Tilly and Me

These paper tulips are a quick and easy craft for kids to make. You only need a few supplies to create these colorful paper tulips.

Make This Craft: Paper Tulips

8. Coffee Flower Window Decorations

Colorful Flowers
Image Credit: Fun-A-Day

These cute art flowers are made from coffee filters. Kids will love creating different colored flowers and hanging them up on the window for the spring and summer months.

Make this Craft: Coffee Flower Window Decorations

9. Spring Cupcake Liner Flowers

Spring Flower Craft
Image Credit: Homeschool Preschool

Use cupcake liners for the flowers and have the kids draw the stems on paper. You can then glue the flowers onto the paper to create cute artwork.

Make this Craft: Spring Cupcake Liner Flowers

10. Fork Painted Tulip Craft

Fork painted tulip craft for kids
Image Credit: Little Ladoo

Fork painting is a great way to get kids involved with crafting and it helps create less of a mess which is always good. Let the kids use the forks to create their own tulips.

Get This Recipe: Fork Painted Tulip Craft

11. Paper Flowers for Mom

Flower with kid's picture with I love mom
Image Credit: Messy Little Monster

Let the kids create a personalized flower craft for mom. You only need a few supplies, plus the free printable template, and the kids can easily put together a nice card or special picture for mom.

Make this Craft: Paper Flowers for Mom

12. Construction Paper Tulips

These fun construction paper tulips are the perfect craft for some spring creativity.
Image Credit: Twitchetts

This tulip craft only requires a few basic supplies, so it’s easy for young children to make. Kids can create different-colored tulips and put them together to make a creative card or piece of art.

Get This Recipe: Construction Paper Tulips

13. DIY Rolled Paper Flowers

Pink Rolled Paper Flowers
Image Credit: Creatively Beth

Create your own home décor by learning how to make your own rolled paper flowers. You can easily turn these into adorable wall hangings and framed artwork.

Make this Craft: DIY Rolled Paper Flowers

14. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Pressed Flower Bookmarks
Image Credit: Fox Farm Home

Use real flowers to make these pressed flower bookmarks. This is a fun flower craft that kids and adults can do, and you get beautiful bookmarks that you can use for years.

Make this Craft: Pressed Flower Bookmarks

15. Pressed Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Sun Suncatcher
Image Credit: Fox Farm Home

Get the kids involved with flower crafts by helping them make this cute pressed flower suncatcher. They will love looking out the window each morning to see the light shining through with the colorful flowers.

Make this Craft: Pressed Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

16. Tulip Garden

Three tulips made from colored paper
Image Credit: The Moments At Home

Fun and cute, this tulip garden is a fun craft for kids to make for spring or summer. Craft paper, card stock, and a few other supplies are all you need.

Get This Recipe: Tulip Garden

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