10 Accent Wall Ideas for Your Home

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Accent walls are experiencing a significant resurgence. By combining color, texture, and tone, you can create a space that becomes the focal point of any room. Not only do accent walls provide an immediate transformation, but they also have the ability to change the overall ambiance of your home. Here are ten creative and inspiring ideas for using accent walls to rejuvenate your space.

Living Green Wall

greenery live wall
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Green walls, also known as living walls or vertical gardens, have become increasingly popular in homes recently. These indoor plant walls act as living art while offering benefits like air purification, stress reduction, and sound insulation in your living space.

Vertical Slat Wall

Interior styling with purity of the lines, neutral colours and finishes with natural materials
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Enhance your space by installing wood slats. This simple yet appealing addition can give your room a more stylish and modern look.

Create a Stunning Gallery Wall

Bright bedroom interior with dotted sheets, headrest, double bed, gold accents and art gallery above
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Opt for a gallery wall filled with memories. This design idea is an excellent way to relive fond memories. To create this look, purchase some budget-friendly frames and select your favorite photos. Arrange the framed photographs according to your preference. This isn’t just decoration; it’s a creative way to tell your story through the pictures on your wall.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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Unlike the wallpaper from your grandparents’ era, Wallpaper has made a stylish comeback. It’s incredibly easy to install, requiring minimal supplies and experience. With wallpaper, you can enhance the appearance of any room.

Paint It

Cork honeycombs on blue wall of trendsetting dining room interior with patterned carpet, plants and white furniture
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Painting a wall is one of the simplest methods to create a striking accent wall in any room. To complete this project, all you need is paint, painter’s tape, and a drop cloth.

The Perfect Reading Nook

Close-up of a green velvet armchair with a gray cushion standing next to a wooden coffee table in a cozy living room interior with molding on the wall.
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If there’s unused space in a certain area of your home, transform it into a cozy reading nook.

Pegboard Wall

Pegboards with decor on wooden wall in room
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When the need for organization meets the desire for aesthetics, a pegboard wall is the perfect solution! These panels are affordable and are perfect for both decor and decluttering.

Whether you’re looking to store crafting supplies or gardening tools, pegboard walls offer a budget-friendly and inviting way to improve your space. You can also hang wall art and other intriguing items on the board.

Paint a Mural

Cozy nursery room with murals, white crib and rocking chair
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Let your creativity run wild by painting an adorable mural. Whether you aim to make a bold statement or introduce a subtle touch, a DIY mural adds personality to your space in a welcoming and cost-effective manner.


Kids room in coastal style. Daybed near shiplap wall.
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Shiplap is a popular choice for farmhouse-style decor, known for its cozy and rustic feel. It’s a classic and timeless way to improve your wall.

Brick Aesthetic

Interior of stylish bedroom with folding screen and wooden bench
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Exposed brick is a highly desired home feature because it effortlessly improves your home’s aesthetics. If you prefer an industrial style, consider using faux brick panels to achieve a brick-like appearance. This simple and affordable addition adds the charm of exposed brick to your space.

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