Easy DIY Macrame Wreath

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Creating a wreath is so much fun. And if you love dressing up your door during the holidays or any time of the year, this macrame wreath is perfect. This wreath is super simple and can be customized with varying greenery or floral arrangements that fit any occasion.

The hardest part will be starting the knot, but once you get the hang of it, it will be pretty easy moving forward.

Let me show you just how you can make this simple macrame wreath at home.

macrame wreath

Supplies Needed

  • 12″ Metal Ring
  • 100% Cotton Macrame Cord (28 ft of 10 mm / 8 mm cord will do)
  • Faux Flowers and Greenery
  • Blue tape
macrame wreath

How to Make a Macrame Wreath

Step 1:

Find the center of the Macrame cord and place a blue tape (or any tape) on it. Attach the center of the Macrame Cord to the Metal Ring.

macrame wreath

Step 2: Start Your Half Knot

Begin knotting by running a half knot. Start with the cord on the far left, guide it over the ring and under the far right cord, leaving a loop on the left and its tail on the right.

Step 3: Create the Knots

Guide the cord on the right over the tail of the first rope under the ring and through the loop on the left. Then, pull both ends to tighten.

macrame wreath

Step 4: Repeat Steps

Repeat steps 2 and 3. The repeated knot will form a spiral column of knots. Continue this knot until the entire ring is encased in the macrame spiral.

macrame wreath
macrame wreath

Step 5: Close the Loop

Pull the ends of the cord tight on the final knot. Cut the ends of the cord and glue the end of the knot to the beginning of the knot, creating a solid ring.

macrame wreath

Step 5: Create a Hanger Cord

This part is super simple. Fold a 34-inch piece of the excess cord in half and tie a knot towards the end of the loose area to create the hanger cord.

Lay the Hanger Cord flat, then place the completed wreath halfway along the hanger cord.

macrame wreath

Step 6: Add Greenery

Add your desired greenery into the area where the hanger cord and wreath meet.

macrame wreath

Step 7: Bring Everything Together

Once you add your desired greenery, Bring the loop around the back of the wreath, then thread your tied cord ends through the loop, pulling them to tighten and hold everything together.

macrame wreath

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