16 Unexpected Ways to Use Dryer Sheets That Actually Work

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Dryer sheets are a staple in the laundry room for their fresh scent and static reduction qualities. But the truth is, they also serve many other purposes around the house.

From tackling tough soap scum to simplifying sewing crafts, dryer sheets have countless uses you probably never thought of. 

Here are 14 ways to use dryer sheets beyond just freshening your laundry.

Sharpen Dull Scissors

scissors in hand
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Over time, scissors can become dull, making cutting difficult. A dryer sheet can help sharpen the blades simply by cutting through it several times. This method cleans residue off the blades and slightly sharpens them, restoring their cutting efficiency. It’s an easy and quick fix that can extend the life of your scissors without the need for professional sharpening.

Easy Sewing

sewing with needle and thread
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Before you start sewing, pull your thread through a dryer sheet. This simple trick helps reduce tangling, ensuring smoother sewing. This is an especially handy trick for those working with fine or easily tangled threads.


kitchen faucet
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Revitalize the look of your bathroom and kitchen faucets using dryer sheets. Rubbing a dryer sheet over chrome fixtures can remove water spots and fingerprints, leaving a shiny, streak-free surface. This method not only cleans but also leaves a protective coating that repels future dust and fingerprints, keeping your faucets cleaner for longer. It’s a quick and easy way to maintain the appearance of your fixtures.

Clean Pet Hair

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Pet owners will appreciate how dryer sheets can help remove hair from furniture and clothing. The sheets’ antistatic properties help lift and collect pet hair, making cleanup a breeze. Simply wipe down surfaces where pet hair accumulates; the sheet will do the rest. This method is especially useful on upholstery and in the car, where pet hair tends to cling stubbornly.

Deodorant Marks

Removing white deodorant marks from clothing can be frustrating, but a dryer sheet can solve this problem quickly. Gently rubbing the sheet on the fabric will lift the white streaks without damaging the material. This is particularly useful when you’re in a hurry and need a quick fix before heading out. Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep your clothes looking clean and fresh without resorting to laundering.

Deodorize Your Shoes

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Dryer sheets are a simple and effective solution for removing unpleasant odors from your shoes. Place one sheet in each shoe overnight and the fabric softener properties will absorb and neutralize the smells, leaving your shoes smelling fresh. This method is particularly useful for shoes worn frequently or after a workout. It’s a convenient, inexpensive, and chemical-free alternative to odor-eliminating sprays.

Drawer Freshener

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Consider placing a new dryer sheet in each drawer to maintain the fresh scent of laundry in your clothing. This simple addition can make a significant difference, especially in drawers storing clothes for extended periods, such as seasonal wardrobes. It’s a great way to add fresh scent when opening your drawers.

Bug Repellent

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Dryer sheets can be an effective bug repellent, especially for outdoor lovers. Tuck a sheet into your pocket or under a hat band to keep mosquitoes, flies, and other insects at bay. The smell of the fabric softener is unappealing to many types of insects, making it a great non-toxic alternative to chemical repellents. This method is ideal for hiking, picnicking, or any outdoor activities where bugs are a nuisance.

Diaper Odor Eliminator

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Managing diaper odor can be a challenge in homes with babies. Placing a dryer sheet in the diaper pail or garbage can help absorb and neutralize smells, reducing the unpleasant odor. This method provides an easy and effective way to maintain a fresher, cleaner-smelling nursery. It’s a convenient and gentle solution that is safe around children.

Dusting Tool

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Dryer sheets are an excellent choice for dusting around the house because they attract and hold dust particles. Their slightly sticky texture ensures that dust clings to the sheet rather than resettling on surfaces. You can use them on a variety of surfaces, including wooden furniture, blinds, and electronic screens. They clean effectively and leave a light, pleasant scent behind.

Pest Control

Dryer sheets are surprisingly effective at deterring small pests such as squirrels and insects. Stuffing these sheets into openings or cracks can prevent these creatures from entering your home. The strong scent is typically unattractive to pests, acting as a natural repellent. This method is safe, easy, and a non-toxic alternative to chemical repellents.

Remove Fingerprints from Glass Surfaces

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Keeping glass surfaces free of fingerprints can be challenging, but dryer sheets are great for this task. Gently wiping surfaces like mirrors, windows, and TV screens with a dryer sheet efficiently removes fingerprints and smudges. This leaves your glass clear and streak-free, enhancing the overall cleanliness of your space.

Swiffer Mopping Pad Alternative

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Using dryer sheets as an alternative to Swiffer mopping pads can be a game-changer in household cleaning. Attach two or three sheets to the base of your Swiffer mop to pick up dust, hair, and small debris effectively.

Clean the Baseboards

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Cleaning baseboards is often overlooked during routine house cleaning, but dryer sheets can make this task easier. Their ability to collect dust and dirt helps clean baseboards effectively without stirring up allergens. Wiping baseboards with a dryer sheet also leaves a residue that repels dust, keeping them cleaner for longer periods.

Car Freshener

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Consider using dryer sheets instead of traditional car air fresheners for a subtler, fresher scent. Place them under seats or in hidden compartments to gradually release their fragrance. This method not only freshens the air but also eliminates odors, making your car’s interior more pleasant. It’s a cost-effective alternative that avoids the overwhelming scents of conventional fresheners.

Removing Soap Scum from Shower Doors

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Eliminating soap scum from shower doors can be a challenge, but dryer sheets offer a practical solution. Wet a dryer sheet and use it to scrub the glass; the fabric’s texture is effective at lifting the scum without scratching the surface. After cleaning, simply rinse the door with water for a clear, streak-free finish.

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