10 of the Worst Airport Terminals in the World According To Seasoned Travelers

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When traveling, it’s always appreciated when you find yourself in a modern, well-run airport – it just makes your day much smoother. But, on the other hand, nothing can put a damper on a trip quite like being in a terrible airport terminal.

Recently, experienced travelers met in an online discussion and revealed their picks for the worst airports they’ve ever encountered.

Miami International Airport

Miami Airport
Miami Airport Main Entrance – Provided by Sharon Hahn Darlin via WikiCommons

Outdated with relatively few options for eating and drinking, Miami International Airport desperately needs a facelift. Travelers worldwide lament any stops in Miami – especially for overnight layovers! It’s a shame that the airport doesn’t live up to the modern, clean, and exciting reputation that Miami enjoys because, with some work, Miami International could be the next great travel hub.

London Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport London - Provided by My another account (talk)
Stansted Airport London – Provided by My another account (talk) via WikiCommons

Sometimes airports are designed to extract the most money possible from travelers, and London Stansted Airport is guilty of this practice. “London Standsted makes you walk so far to get to your plane.

And they did it intentionally to have you walk past all their overpriced airport shops when they could have provided a shortcut,” decries one man. “So God forbid you’re late for your flight and try to run to make it.” That does not sound like fun whatsoever.

Boston Logan International Airport

Concourse in the Boston Logan International Airport Provided by Chris Rycroft via WikiCommons

When it originally opened in 1923, Boston Logan International Airport was praised as a revolutionary travel hub. Over a century later, however, it desperately needs a revamp. “It had mice,” reports one traveler. “I saw them running around on the floor. I called to complain, but the people I talked to were disinclined to do anything about it.” When you have mice running around a terminal, it’s time to start over from scratch.

Newark International Airport

Newark Check in provided by qwesy qwesy via WikiCommons

When fully operational, Newark International Airport is one of the world’s most efficient and well-run airports. But, unfortunately, it never is fully operational. Seemingly stuck in an endless loop of construction and remodeling, traveling through Newark International is an exercise of patience.

When the construction is complete, the airport will be excellent, but until then, may God have mercy on your soul if you find yourself there for a layover.

Kona International Airport

Kona International Airport Provided by Farragutful via WikiCommons

Although set in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the world, Kona International Airport’s terminals are located chiefly outdoors.

That means if you’re traveling during the hot and humid months, be prepared to get a little sweaty. “Kona International on Hawaii’s Big Island was a bad experience, so hot and humid and mostly outdoors, so no air conditioning, obviously,” laments one woman. “Oh, and everything closed early, so we couldn’t get any drinking water. It was insane.”

Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport – Provided by Jcornelius via WikiCommons

Portugal’s main airport welcomes millions of travelers annually, but according to many people, Lisbon Airport severely lacks signage. While experienced flyers don’t suffer from this, newcomers to the country are faced with navigating a maze-like airport that needs more information about where to go.

Predictably, this ends with many travelers wanting more clarification about how to promptly get from one end of the airport to the other.

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Provided by Patrick Roque via WikiCommons

Many travelers desire to explore the Philippines due to its unbeatable weather and fascinating local culture. But, unfortunately, they must pass through one of the world’s worst airports to do so. “Manila Ninoy is hands down the worst airport,” confesses one traveler.

“The roof leaks everywhere. For connecting flights, you go through a dark dodgy basement room; there’s minimal seating, food options are street food, and customer service nearly ran me over multiple times.” Wow, that doesn’t sound very good!

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Terminal - Provided by Lewis Clarke
Heathrow Terminal – Provided by Lewis Clarke via WikiCommons

As the United Kingdom’s biggest airport, Heathrow has a reputation for processing thousands of travelers daily in an expeditious manner. However, travelers are near-unanimous in their sentiment that the staff is rude and condescending at nearly every stage of getting on a flight! So naturally, this shocking lack of customer service makes people think twice before booking flights through Heathrow.

Punta Cana International Airport

Punta Cana International Airport – Provided by Mattes via WikiCommons

Some travelers judge an airport on the speediness of their immigration process. In the eyes of many, Punta Cana International is at the bottom of the barrel in that respect. Make no mistake about it: the immigration process is slow! While other airports have mastered shuttling travelers through immigration quickly, many people find out that in Punta Cana, it will take an excruciatingly long time to go through it.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - Provided by qwesy qwesy
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Provided by qwesy qwesy via WikiCommons

Atlanta’s airport is one of the world’s busiest airports, so it’s always busy. Actually, let me rephrase that: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is so busy it can drive even the most seasoned traveler to tears.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to grab a connecting flight or a bite to eat; expect to wait an ungodly amount of time while you’re there. For this reason alone, countless travelers regard this airport as one of the world’s worst.

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