13 of The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America

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Zoning regulations and a worldwide pandemic have hindered tiny house sales in recent years, but their appeal as smaller versions of conventional residences is only increasing. There are small home communities in areas of the country where zoning regulations support tiny homes, and they’re also appearing in other locations.

Tiny house communities may be found at many rebuilt RV parks, and some small municipalities welcome tiny homes to promote population development. Tiny homes are even being used as a homeless solution in a number of locations.

The concept of tiny house communities, which will influence the future of small-home living, is gaining popularity. These communities range from eco-villages to holiday getaways:

Cottage Estates – Acme, Michigan

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Wheelhouse

An RV campground situated on a bay of Lake Michigan is home to these opulent little homes. The 400-square-foot tiny houses at Cottage Estates are equipped with wide decks, hardwood flooring, and full-sized appliances on 5,000-square-foot lots. You also receive access to all the resort-style facilities, such as tennis courts, clubhouse, fitness center, pool, and spa.

Palm Canyon Mobile Club – Palm Springs, California

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to palmCanyonMobileClub.com

Large windows and open floor designs allow Palm Springs’ mid-century modern residences to connect with the natural surroundings of Southern California. Not all of those properties are as expensive as most, though. Compared to many other residences in the neighborhood, Palm Canyon Mobile Club’s mid-century modern tiny houses provide excellent décor at a more reasonable price.

The more extensive floor plans in the community include large decks ranging from 600 to 1,100 square feet.

Escalante Village – Durango, Colorado

Image Credit: Image credit goes to Alexis Stephens

The tiny residential hamlet of Escalante Village is located at 6,500 feet above sea level in the heart of Colorado’s La Plata Mountains. The lots are 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep, sufficient for the houses, two parked automobiles, and a patio. The average size of the lots is 400 square feet. These tiny houses are constructed with knotty pine ceilings, walls, and flooring to complement the rustic vibe of the neighborhood.

Facilities include river pathways, a communal garden, award-winning fly fishing within walking distance, and on-site storage (for those not ready to downsize to a small house size altogether).

Tiny Estates – Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to Lancasteronline

Situated in the center of Lancaster County, Tiny Estates is a large community offering a range of tiny homes suitable for extended stays and temporary residences. Located on 14 acres of picturesque countryside, the community features more than 30 small cottages that vary in size and design.

A pond, group fire pits, and event spaces are among the amenities, transforming the area into a lively community center and a place to live.

Lemon Cove Village – Lemon Cove, California

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to Steve Pastis

Zoning regulations in many states limit the locations where tiny houses may be parked; therefore, Lemon Cove Village is just one of the numerous RV parks welcoming these smaller residences. For as low as $450 a month, you may park your tiny home on this land close to Sequoia National Park in California. Apart from its stunning setting at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the village offers high-speed internet, on-site laundry, and a swimming pool.

Orlando Lakefront – Orlando, Florida

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to orlandolakefronttinyhouses

Old trailer parks are common in Florida, and many are being transformed into tiny home communities. In the instance of Orlando Lakefront, that is. Initially built in the 1950s, this RV park has undergone renovations to incorporate forty small residences on wheels.

Situated on the banks of Lake Fairview, the neighborhood offers 50 sites for lease and is conveniently close to downtown Orlando and the Disney theme parks. Orlando Lakefront also offers 14 tiny houses for rent for travelers and those wishing to experience tiny home life.

Spur, Texas

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to Raul Rodriguez

Known as “America’s first tiny house-friendly town,” Spur, Texas, is a distinctive little town that extends a warm welcome to tiny house owners. Spur is an entrepreneurial community that is not centrally managed but offers a free-spirited atmosphere where people may buy lots and live in a friendly society for tiny home enthusiasts. Check out the official Spur website for further details.

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community – Mills River, North Carolina

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to RomanticAsheville

The Acony Bell small Home Community is one of a growing number of communities designed specifically for tiny homeowners. It is situated in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. This community, which emphasizes sustainable living, offers a tranquil rural environment with features including walking paths, streams, and a communal garden. For those wishing to get away from the bustle of the city, it’s the ideal hideout.

Tiny House Block – San Diego, California

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to Alexis Stephens

Tiny House Block, situated on the renowned Pacific Crest Trail in the mountains around San Diego, may interest you if you view downsizing to a tiny house as a way to be closer to nature. You may rent one to get a feel for the place before committing, or you can add your tiny house to the community. Though vacancies tend to fill rapidly, those wishing to live there usually have to act promptly.

Cedar Springs Tiny Village – Cedar Springs, Ohio

The Most Charming Tiny Home Communities Across America
Image Credit: Image credit goes to cedarspringstinyvillage

Ohio’s first tiny house community has 30 spaces for parking small homes. Cedar Springs Tiny Village offers complete facilities, including walking trails, cable hookups, WiFi, and a communal garden.

Additionally, Natural Spring Resort, which has a beach, pool, fishing, and even scuba diving (yes, the lake water is that pure), is only a short stroll away. Short-term visits and leases lasting at least 13 months are welcome.

Canoe Bay Escape Village – Canoe Bay, Wisconsin

Image Credit: Image credit goes to dwell

Canoe Bay Escape Village in Wisconsin can be the place for you if you’ve always wanted to live in a tiny house tucked away in the woods. Canoe Bay, a lakeside resort, is adjacent to Escape Village.

The tiny home neighborhood has two private lakes and is surrounded by over 100 acres of wetlands and woodland. Its tiny homes include a variety of open floor designs, full-sized appliances, plenty of windows to let in natural light, and queen- and king-sized beds.

WeeCasa – Lyons, Colorado

Image Credit: Image credit goes to weecasatinyhomes

Consider checking out WeeCasa Small House Resort, a community of tiny houses in the Colorado Rockies that are available for rent if you’re thinking about living in a tiny house but aren’t sure whether it’s for you. The 22 small cottages at the resort sleep up to five people and range in size from 165 to 400 square feet. They are offered for nightly rentals.

Nearby the apartments are a well-liked wedding event venue and St. Vrain Creek. Additionally, WeeCasa has facilities in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and Rapid City, South Dakota, in case Lyons, Colorado, is too far away.

Park Delta Bay – Isleton, California

Image Credit: Image credit goes to ABC7 &Mediums

Park Delta Bay claims to be the only lawfully designated small home community in Northern California. On the banks of the San Joaquin River, it has twelve permanent tiny houses and various small homes on wheels. Tennis and volleyball courts, a communal clubhouse, and a restroom are available.

There are spaces in Park Delta Bay, but if you want to live there, your tiny house must be movable since the community only accepts residences on wheels.

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