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Summer Lemonade Stand Printable | DIY Kit

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It’s that joyful time of year again! As the weather warms, the kids are eager to set up their annual lemonade stand.

This free printable lemonade is the perfect kit to help your little ones set up their stand. Whether for your annual garage sale or just to make some extra summer cash, this DIY stand sign and banner will make their experience a breeze.

All you have to do is print the signs on cardstock, frame them (optional), and display them for a touch of summer cheer!

Our Printable Kid’s Lemonade Stand Kit includes everything your child needs for a fun entrepreneurial adventure. This 25-page kit features vibrant signs, menus, play money, and more—just print and enjoy the fun as your kids dish out lemony refreshments.

lemonade stand kit printable

This kit is packed with 25 pages of everything you need to set up a charming and engaging lemonade stand. Enjoy!

lemonade stand kit printable

This kit is easy to set up. Just print the components and watch your children enjoy hours of fun serving lemonade and engaging in creative play! It’s perfect for a sunny day activity or a fun learning experience at home.

  • Product Type: Printable Play Kit
  • Dimensions: Designed for 11×8.5 inch and 8.5×11 inch paper
  • Page Count: 25 pages
  • Contents:
    • Colorful, eye-catching signs
    • Detailed menus
    • Play money for transactions
  • Features:
    • Encourages imaginative and entrepreneurial play
    • Easy to print and set up for instant play
  • Usage: Perfect for children to engage in role-playing as they manage their own lemonade stand
  • Ideal For: Home, school, or any setting where children enjoy dramatic play

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