17 Dumbest Dog Breeds That are Lovably Dopey

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Dogs are diverse creatures with various behaviors, appearances, and traits that add character and eccentricities to our lives. Some breeds stand out for their endearing foolishness and limitless love.

At the same time, others are recognized for their intellect and sharp intuition. These dogs serve as a reminder that often, the most enduring friends are the ones who make us laugh and smile no matter what, from silly acts to innocent moments.

Afghan hound

Image provided by: Vincent Tan

According to Coren’s research, the Afghan hound has the lowest IQ of all dog breeds. However, given that these hounds have a reputation for being strong-willed and independent, they may be too lazy to learn commands—after all, what’s in it for them?

Afghans would much like to be with their families, playing nicely with other puppies and dazzling the youngsters with glitzy hair flips. They are lively, playful, and gregarious. Surprisingly, Afghans don’t lose much hair, even though their smooth hair must be styled almost daily.


Image provided by:Ketut Subiyanto

Coren rated the basenji as just marginally less stupid than the Afghan hound; perhaps what makes the basenji seem less stupid than stupid is that it doesn’t seem to be much that interested in the kinds of relationships that obedience training usually calls for. The basenji is a calmer breed of dog that doesn’t bark to attract attention.

The basenji doesn’t require much care, which may be advantageous for certain people. Perhaps because of its meticulous grooming routine and independent nature, some people have called basenjis “catlike.” But as everyone knows, cats aren’t stupid—they just can’t be bothered to pick up new skills only to amuse people. Maybe the basenji should have the same latitude?

English bulldog

Image provided by: Marcelo Braga Luzzi

Many individuals have high hopes for bulldog breeds. And that includes the English bulldog, which, according to Coren’s research, is the third-least intelligent breed of dogs. One of Novack’s favorites is the English bulldog, renowned for being kind and calm. It is also among the breeds of dogs that bite the least frequently.

English bulldogs are known for their lethargy, which might be the reason for their low score on Coren’s canine intelligence scale. And does it make a lazy dog dumb? Sure, they might not be as motivated to put in the effort needed to learn new instructions. English bulldog enthusiasts may not agree.

Chow chow

Image provided by: SHVETS production

Although the Chow Chow dog has a lion-like appearance, it is not the king of the jungle or even the dog park. In a humorous statement, Coren listed the chow as one of the stupidest dog breeds and said, “It’s likely that there is furniture out there that is easier to train than chows.”

However, Coren says that a dog’s aptitude for its innate abilities should be considered when evaluating its intelligence level. And chow chows are, it turns out, really good at that. Regretfully, nevertheless, in many nations, eating chows was one of the original purposes for which they were created.


Image provided by: Mike Jones

According to Coren’s criteria, the borzoi, one of the quickest canines in the world, is also regarded as one of the stupidest dog breeds. Swift borzoi are lanky, shaggy dogs who require a lot of cerebral stimulation. Still, they are also notoriously difficult to train.

“In their quiet, catlike way, [borzois] can be stubborn, and training is best accomplished with patience, consistency, and good humour,” according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Therefore, even though they might not give up a paw when requested, these respectful puppies excel in the activity for which they were raised: hunting.


Image provided by:Yan Krukau

The bloodhound, also known as the sleuth hound, is docile and loving toward its owners and is the best creature on earth in locating people who have gone missing. And yet, by Coren’s measures of dog intellect, the bloodhound is just somewhat less stupid than the borzoi.

The bloodhound and the borzoi are skilled hunters, which may be where the problem lies. Furthermore, being easily distracted is not conducive to learning commands. We’ll investigate whether it genuinely indicates that the bloodhound is stupid. In addition, there’s something about large-eared dogs that just makes us swoon.


Image provided by: Workman House

Pekingese dogs tend to show their family a lot of love. Peeks get along nicely with kids, strangers, and other dogs and are very well-mannered. However, can a Pekingese consistently play fetch with you?

Unlikely, according to Coren’s criteria, this Chinese dog breed ranks among the world’s most stupid dog breeds. Being developed specifically to be lapdogs, Pekingese dogs excel in that role. And do we want this dog to be clever if it makes them selfish? Its attribute also ranks it among the top dogs for older citizens.


Image provided by: Vika Glitter

Lovers of floppy-eared dogs frequently gravitate toward the charming beagle. On the other hand, they are among the breeds of dogs most likely to be discovered at a shelter. One explanation is that beagles are easily distracted by odors, just like their relative, the bloodhound. There’s a significant chance of separation from its owners if permitted off-leash.

Because of their reputation for stubbornness, beagles can be difficult to teach. Furthermore, an untrained dog might be a challenging roommate. However, we don’t blame them for enjoying exploration. All this contented puppy wants is to see the world.


Image provided by:T Leish

Although the mastiff is among the best security dogs, it doesn’t get there by accident. One of the biggest domesticated dog breeds in the world is the submissive yet noble mastiff; like with all huge dog breeds, training is essential. Paradoxically, mastiffs have trouble picking up new instructions.

Because of this, Coren’s research ranks mastiffs among the stupidest dog breeds. It also begs the question, How can I coexist peacefully with this adorable, drooling, enormous purported dope? Gentle training works best with mastiffs, so the sooner you begin, the better.


Image provided by: Jackson Jorvan

Bulldogs are another breed that has a reputation for being obstinate. Although Dr. Coren’s list indicates that Bulldogs might be challenging to teach, are they dumb? The American Kennel Club considers Bulldogs to be quite trainable.

All it takes to show they can learn is to look at one of the well-known Bulldogs who enjoy skateboarding or surfing. Bulldogs are sometimes accused of being lethargic. However, some of them prefer active pursuits over lounging on the couch.

Basset Hound

Image provided by: Alexander Dummer

Basset Hounds are similar to Pekingese in that they may be indolent. Their low, lengthy physique and easygoing demeanors could contribute to this.

Like their scenthound cousins, Bloodhounds and Beagles, Bassets may be obstinate and find it difficult to focus on learning when surrounded by wonderful odors. A Basset Hound requires lifetime training if you want an obedient canine. But don’t consider this as a sign of low intelligence. They are intelligent, loving dogs.

Shih Tzu

Image provided by: Mia X

Shih Tzus has fun, is devoted, and is affectionate. They are also gregarious and a little bit obstinate. They are popular pets due to this combination.

Still, many owners find training challenging because of their stubbornness and inclination to welcome and play with everyone, making training more challenging.


Image provided by: mali maeder

The Chihuahua is one of the tiniest dog breeds, if not the smallest. However, the dog is unaware of this. It is courageous, will challenge canines of all shapes and sizes, and will not give up.

It barks as well—a great deal. Furthermore, Chihuahuas tend to pinch people. They appear foolish because of this combination, but it’s just that they want to have fun and don’t want to appear smaller than other dogs.


Image provided by: John M

The Bullmastiff and English Mastiff are comparable in breed and physical attributes. The breed is incredibly devoted to its humans and affectionate. However, this independent breed’s power of will is greater than its physical strength.

It will not do anything against its will. Persuading the Bullmastiff that any activity or behavior was suggested by the dog, not by you, is the key to successful training.

Lhasa Apso

Image provided by: Steshka Willems

Like many terrier-related breeds, one may argue that the Lhasa Apso is a dog with two personalities. At home, it is a relatively calm and relaxed dog.

However, the Lhasa Apso is also independent and obstinate, and it will not participate in any training program if it dislikes the concept of it.

Bull Terrier

Image provided by: Timo Piredda

Another terrier breed that embodies the reputation of being obstinate and unrelenting in its pursuit of its objective is the Bull Terrier. You should have good training outcomes if you are kind and attentive to your Bull Terrier and incorporate play into your training routine.

Bull Terrier breeds, for example, can learn orders, but it will take some time and work to ensure they do.

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