12 Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time

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The most detested movie characters are enjoyable because it’s so rewarding to despise them, despite the fact that there have been many endearing villains and captivating antiheroes whom viewers have come to adore. The history of film is replete with heinous individuals whose sole aim in life is to bring misery to both the heroes and common people.

But not every villainous character in a film is meant to be despised. Even if they are highly rated, a lot of characters aren’t villains. Sometimes, the things they do make people detest them more than the real bad guys. Even though it might be intriguing to discover a villain with relatable backstories, the most reviled characters—especially ones who weren’t intended to offend audiences—often spark just as much debate.

Regina George: Mean Girls (2004)

 Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Without question, one of the most famous movie characters that you can’t help but love to despise is Regina George. She is a villain out of your adolescent nightmares to dominate the school and maintain her position at the top of the social hierarchy.

Regina is conceited and vicious; she will compliment you one moment and then say something crass and nasty the next. She’s the quintessential “It Girl” in appearance and wealth, but she makes life miserable for her peers. Regina is a character millennial like and detested in the cult film Mean Girls.

Burke – Aliens (1986)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Burke from the movie Aliens was the epitome of a traitor. Portrayed by Paul Reiser, Burke eventually became a self-centered betrayer. Above all, Burke is a corporate stooge who, oblivious to the risk he is placing people in, supports his bosses at the Weyland-Yutani firm. Burke’s initially likeable demeanor gives way to his cruel nature, which is one of the reasons audiences despise him so much.

He appeared harmless in the end, even as he tried to undermine Ripley and carry out the operation despite significant deaths. Burke’s risk in satisfying his corporate employers was only revealed when he confined Ripley and Newt in a closed chamber while pulling a face-hugger. Burke would become one of the most despised movie characters ever because of how actively he promoted corporate interests over human life.

Marla Grayson – I Care A Lot (2020)

 Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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I Care A Lot, a 2021 Netflix original film, was very divisive. Many people found the main character too horrible to enjoy the picture. But many people concurred that Marla Grayson is an unlikeable figure for good reason. Rosamund Pike plays Marla, a lady who earns money by robbing older adults by acting as a guardian authorized by a court.

Even though Marla’s destructive activities are visible, she portrays herself as morally upright. Characters like this increase the audience’s hatred of them since it is annoying to see someone act morally repugnantly while refusing to acknowledge their destructive nature. Rosamund Pike and I Care A Lot successfully depict a protagonist that the viewer is supposed to despise, which is difficult for a film to carry off.

Biff Tannen – Back to The Future (1985)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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One of the most vile movie characters ever exists in one of the most famous movie franchises. In the original Back to the Future movies, Biff Tannen was a bully who would throw Marty’s father about until the past was altered. When Biff attempts to push himself on Marty’s mother in the past, he demonstrates that he does not deserve a happy ending.

But he was always defeated and humiliated in the end. Biff Tannen is utterly unlikeable, although other detested movie characters are complex and contain sympathetic or lovable aspects (albeit in little doses). Biff remains the primary enemy in all three Back to the Future films, and he’s a charmingly dim-witted bad guy whom the audience loves to despise.

Archibald Cunningham – Rob Roy (1995)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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A cast of legendary actors, including Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Brian Cox, and Tim Roth as the evil Archibald Cunningham, who is still one of the most despised movie characters, star in the 1995 film Rob Roy, which is set in 1700s Scotland. Tim Roth’s Archibald Cunningham is a cruel nobleman who serves as the Marquis of Montrose’s principal goon.

His horrible deeds throughout the movie, such as sexual assault and murder, more than merit his hateful reputation, and he has no regrets for the people he causes harm to. Tim Roth seems to enjoy the chance to play a man devoid of any redeeming characteristics, which won him an Oscar nomination. The irritating air of arrogance that Roth gives the part only helps to heighten the audience’s desire to see Cunningham receive the justice he deserves

Briony Tallis – Atonement (2007)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Given her detrimental effects on the other characters in Atonement, it is easy to see why Briony Tallis is among the most despised movie characters. In the historical piece, Briony is the primary cause of many people’s lives being ruined. By the time Atonement ends, her falsehoods have caused the deaths of many family members. Despite her youth and search for redemption, the 13-year-old upper-class girl in the movie ruined everyone around her because of her self-centered ambitions.

Briony is an interesting character because the act that made her so despised was carried out with a naïve disregard for the repercussions. The viewer may then witness how that choice has impacted Briony throughout her life in Atonement, from her intense sorrow over what she did to her acceptance that the harm she inflicted will never be completely repaired. Like the audience, Briony is ultimately unable to forgive herself.

Commodus – Gladiator (2000)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Because he makes the character so heinous, Commodus, the cowardly and brutal antagonist of Ridley Scott’s 2000 film Gladiator, has endured as one of Joaquin Phoenix’s most memorable roles. Commodus is an arrogant, pompous, and vain person who believes he has a right to the brutal things he does. It is a thrill when he finally receives what was due to him, even though it also resulted in the death of the hero, for he deceived the guy who was most devoted to his father and subsequently ordered his execution in a gladiatorial ring.

Phoenix’s Oscar-nominated performance contributed to Commodus’s development as a multifaceted figure, even as it portrayed him as an unstoppable threat. When Russell Crowe’s Maximus reappears, Commodus’s bloated ego eventually bursts, resulting in a gratifying collapse and humiliating loss.

Percy Wetmore – The Green Mile (1999)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Doug Hutchison’s portrayal as Percy Wetmore in the 1999 film version of Stephen King’s novel The Green Mile demonstrates that the most terrible individuals in jail are often those who are not confined to their cells. In Green Mile, Percy is a saboteur and blackmailer who tortures humans and animals. He also abuses his authority as a jail guard and frequently employs psychological abuse to target whoever he believes is the intended target of his brutality. He is an easy person to despise because of his timidity and exaggerated sense of self-worth.

The killing of the prisoner who had made fun of Percy is when he truly turns evil. Because of his fragile ego, Percy determines that the right punishment is to disobey his duty and make sure the man has a painful and drawn-out death. Percy’s inability to even see the horrifying scene he is responsible for is evidence of his cowardice. Percy Wetmore is a unlikeable character due to his demeanor, but this sequence in The Green Mile makes him one of the most despised movie characters.

Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix (2007)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Although there were many heinous villains in the Harry Potter films, Dolores Umbridge was unquestionably one of the most detested characters. She embodies the worst aspects of political power and has a cruel tendency combined with a deficiency in morality. Umbridge intended to intentionally harm kids. With a smug smirk and an obsession with pink, she used her influence to endanger the lives of children. Voldemort became worse after seizing power and used her authority to enact laws intended to harm the wizarding society as a whole.

Dolores is rendered even more reprehensible by Imelda Staunton’s portrayal of her as a loving mother figure who downplays the brutality of her deeds. She is ignorant and arrogant and will ignore logic and facts if they contradict her beliefs.

Warden Norton – Shawshank Redemption (1994)

 Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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The 1994 film Shawshank Redemption, one of the greatest adaptations of a Stephen King story, is a stirring tale of camaraderie and redemption. Apart from its outstanding cast and storyline, the movie features one of the most reviled villains ever, Warden Norton (Bob Gunton). Norton, the prison’s leader, is a vicious and dishonest man who would stop at nothing to harm anybody with the audacity to expose his intentions to the public.

He considers himself to be religious, but he doesn’t follow any of the bible’s moral precepts—rather, he only uses religion to make himself feel better than other people. To keep Andy Dufresne behind bars, he hides the evidence that points to Andy’s innocence and has a prisoner killed. It’s hard not to despise Norton as a movie character because of his propensity to violate the laws of the system to further his goals and his subliminal glee in the agony he causes by enforcing his strict control over the prisoners.

Nurse Ratched – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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Nurse Ratched, one of the greatest villains in cinema history, is the main antagonist in Jack Nicholson’s iconic film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She’s not your average flamboyant, giggling movie villain, though. Rather, the character of Nurse Ratched is one of manipulation, indifference, and apathy, perverted by the authority bestowed upon her by the mental hospital. She treats everyone who displeases her like a passive-aggressive tyrant, even going so far as to forcefully remove unneeded parts of their bodies from less submissive patients.

Louise Fletcher’s quiet and menacing portrayal of the character earned her an Oscar. It enrages me even more that she cannot be reasoned with because of her composed delivery. Her demeaning and condescending attitude toward the patients under her supervision does more harm than good, making them seem inferior. H

Johnny Lawrence & John Kreese: The Karate Kid (1984)

Deeply Unlikable Movie Characters Of All Time
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The Cobra Kai gang’s commander, Johnny Lawrence, was a prominent pupil of John Kreese, who instilled in his pupils the idea of showing no mercy to anyone who opposed them. Daniel is tormented and humiliated throughout the movie by Johnny, a haughty, wealthy boy.

John Kreese, who urged his students to fight dirty and win at any cost, taught him several immoral warfare techniques. Because of their excessive aggression and violence, it was simple to support the opposition. After losing, Johnny showed some respect for Daniel, but he was still a fierce opponent.

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