10 Unique Things That Only New Yorkers Know About New York City

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There are lots of things to do and see in New York City. It’s the “city that never sleeps,” but there are plenty of tidbits that most people outside the city do not know.

Some are just how we refer to specific areas; others are the city’s origin. So, let’s talk about some things about New York City that only residents are savvy about.

The City That Never Sleeps Came From Trash

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As one New Yorker points out, many of the priciest neighborhoods in places like Manhattan have less-than-pristine origins.

Garbage and landfills are how these areas came to exist, including areas like Lower Manhattan. That’s right—that $4k apartment exists thanks to hot, steaming garbage.

Neighborly Camaraderie

good neighbors
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It’s inescapable. As a New Yorker, I feel it’s almost a right of passage to rib New Jersey and its residents. But, as another local adds, there’s no hate.

After all, many people in NYC have friends or family who relocate to the Garden State. I can attest to this since one friend moved there last year, and another is planning to shortly. They add, “It’s like making fun of our cousins.” We can do it, but not anyone else.

Fish Out of Water

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As residents, New Yorkers occasionally get in awe of buildings and parks. However, it’s easy to identify newer residents or tourists. It’s even more apparent on public transit.

There’s a practiced way of maneuvering through crowds and subways that only comes with years of experience. Plus, tourists stop in the sidewalk, blocking traffic flow. New Yorkers usually step to the side.

One of the Most Diverse Cities

Crowd NY
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Another city-dweller points out that New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the United States.

On a Saturday in Manhattan, this is easy to see as thousands of New Yorkers take in the city’s delights. People from various walks of life call New York City home. That’s also why there’s a variety of delicious foods to enjoy.

New York City Versus The City

Bird eye Manhattan
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Often, when outsiders mention New York City, they mean Manhattan. However, New York City comprises five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

So when locals discuss a particular borough, we name it precisely, and when we head into Manhattan, we call it that or just “the city.”

Handball Is Beloved

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Handball is a popular sport in New York City. Most parks have handball courts, which tend to fill quickly, especially during the summer.

I played all the time as a teenager. As such, a fellow player mentions you can go into the bodega—corner store—to buy a handball, and “they’ll have a box of them behind the counter.”

Never Been to the Tourist Traps

Statue of Liberty
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Tourists love to visit places like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building “for fun.” But for residents of the five boroughs, a New Yorker discloses, we have no interest.

They rightfully add that many of us have never visited these locations despite living here for years.

Let’s Debunk This Rude Myth

NY Crowd 1
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When people talk about New York residents, the label “rude” is often used; the “New York attitude” is often cited. However, a fellow inhabitant counters that most people born and raised in New York are “helpful and generous.” This is true.

We have no issue helping with directions or even a chat. We, however, do not put up with nonsense and will depart quickly if necessary. After all, we have things to do. They tacked on that the “transplants” are usually the rude ones. Perhaps they believed the claims and leaned in too heavily.

Queens Is the Queen of Languages

Skyline NY
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New York City is diverse. But for languages, Queens, specifically, takes the cake, a person posts.

Each borough has a collection of tiny neighborhoods within, so given all the communities in Queens—from Astoria to Flushing—it’s unsurprising that pockets of different cultures, races, and ethnicities exist, all speaking their language.

1010 Wins

NY Represntation
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Although I did not enjoy this station, I knew of it because everywhere I turned, people, especially adults, loved 1010 WINS. AM stations are popular in NYC; many list 1010 WINS as their top station.

The station’s phrase, “You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the world,” is unforgettable and a staple of New York City.

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