20 Iconic Boomer Fashion Trends That Were Ahead Of Their Time

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Fashion has always been a reflection of the times, a mirror that shows us an era’s cultural and social shifts. The 1960s and beyond brought a wave of liberation, experimentation, and rebellion that forever changed the fashion landscape. 

Here’s a nostalgic journey through 20 iconic Boomer fashion trends that were truly ahead of their time:

Go-Go Boots

Image provided by: RDNE Stock project

These iconic boots, often made of shiny patent leather, with low heels and mid-calf height, symbolized the swinging sixties. They represented women’s empowerment and freedom of movement.

Go-go boots have made a stylish comeback in various heights and materials. They still serve as a bold statement piece in contemporary fashion, especially during the fall and winter.

Turtlenecks Under Blazers

Image provided by: Mikhail Nilov

Part of the “Ivy League look,” this combination was popular among college students and was associated with intellect and sophistication.

This timeless ensemble continues to be a versatile staple, perfect for professional settings and everyday chic wear. It adapts to various materials, colors, and fits.

Plaid Suits

Image provided by: cottonbro studio

Plaid suits were a staple for both men and women, reflecting a more casual and inclusive approach to fashion.

Reimagined in contemporary silhouettes and color schemes, plaid suits have transcended their original context. They now appeal to work and casual wear, offering a playful yet polished look that is still in tune with the times.

Corduroy Clothing

Image provided by: Piyapong Sayduang

Known for its ribbed texture, corduroy was favored for its warmth and durability. It was often associated with the outdoors and the rise of recreational activities like hiking.

Modernized with sleeker cuts, corduroy remains a durable fabric in casual and high-fashion lines, embodying retro-chic style.

Flared Pants

Image provided by: Anna Shvets

A rebellion against traditional straight-leg styles, flared pants embodied the spirit of the 60s counterculture movement.

Flared pants are making a nostalgic return. They offer a refreshing alternative to skinny jeans and add a touch of 60s flair to modern outfits.

Colored Tights

Photo provided by Any Lane

Adding a pop of color to outfits, colored tights were a playful way to stay warm in cooler weather.

These fun and practical accessories add personality and warmth to outfits with various patterns and materials.

Statement Sunglasses

Photo by Markus Partoll/Nitin Dhumal

Oversized frames and bold colors epitomized ’60s glamour and excess. Bold, oversized sunglasses remain a popular accessory, evoking the glamour of the 60s with a modern twist.

Suede Clothing

Photo by Helena Lopes

With the bohemian lifestyle and Western influences, suede was a luxury for jackets, skirts, and boots.

Suede clothing continues to be a luxurious choice, seen in bohemian and Western-inspired collections.

Crochet Tops and Bikinis

Photo by Jan Koetsier

Reflecting the boho-chic trend, crochet garments offered a natural and free-spirited aesthetic. Crochet remains famous for its relaxed vibe, often seen in festivals and beachwear.


Photo by Jan Koetsier

A nod to traditional menswear, ascots added a touch of formality and sophistication to outfits. Modern scarf trends have evolved from ascots, offering various stylish ways to add sophistication to any outfit.

Platform Shoes

Image provided by: cottonbro studio

These bold shoes added height and drama, often linked to the disco era. Platform shoes have evolved into platform sneakers and sandals, providing height and style for casual and formal settings.


Image provided by: Karolina Kaboompics

Embraced by the counterculture movement, tie-dye symbolized peace, love, and individuality. Tie-dye has made a strong comeback in streetwear and festival fashion, continuing to celebrate self-expression and individuality.

Bike Shorts

Photo by Ian Sane

Originally activewear for cycling, bike shorts became a fashion statement in the 1980s. They have become a versatile staple, often paired with oversized shirts and blazers for a chic, casual look.

Puff Sleeve Blouses

Image provided by: Anna Shvets

Echoing historical fashion, puff-sleeve blouses offered a romantic and feminine touch. Reinterpreted in modern silhouettes, puff-sleeve blouses add a romantic flair to contemporary outfits.

Boxy Blazers

Image provided by: cottonbro studio

Boxy blazers symbolized power dressing for women, signaling authority and professionalism. They remain a staple in power dressing, offering a structured and assertive look.

Slip Dresses

Image provided by: Budgeron Bach

Inspired by lingerie, slip dresses became versatile fashion pieces. Slip dresses are layered over t-shirts or under jackets, embodying a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Sweater Vests

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

A preppy staple, sweater vests are often worn over collared shirts, adding warmth and sophistication. They have seen a resurgence, styled in various ways, from preppy to grunge.

Claw Hair Clips

Image provided by: Vika Glitter

Practical and stylish claw hair clips kept hair in place with an effortless look. Claw hair clips are back as trendy, valuable accessories, adding a touch of nostalgia to hair styling.

Pastel Metallic Leather

Image provided by: cottonbro studio

Pastel metallic leather was a bold fashion statement offering a futuristic and vibrant touch. Metallic leather adds a futuristic edge to contemporary fashion, often in accessories and footwear.


Image provided by: cottonbro studio

Bikinis became a symbol of liberation and the free-spirited 60s beach culture. Although bikinis continue to evolve in styles and designs, they remain popular for their comfort and ability to express personal style.

Then and Now: A Reflection of Social and Cultural Shifts

Photo by Markus Partoll/Nitin Dhumal

These iconic fashion trends defined an era and reflected significant social and cultural changes. From women’s empowerment symbolized by go-go boots to the intellectual sophistication of turtlenecks under blazers, each trend tells a story of its time.

As these trends resurface, they continue to shape modern fashion, reminding us of the cyclical nature of style and the enduring influence of creativity and self-expression.

Here’s to celebrating the past and embracing the future of fashion! Which of these iconic trends are you excited to see back in style? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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