12 Unusual Traffic Laws You Might Be Unknowingly Violating

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Ever thought you were a law-abiding citizen only to find out you’re a renegade on the road? Here’s a tour through the wackiest traffic laws that have you unknowingly moonlighting as a rebel.

In Rhode Island, It Is Illegal To Drive With Unsealed Alcoholic Drinks 

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Under Rhode Island’s open container law, a seemingly harmless act of driving with an unsealed alcoholic beverage could lead to a hefty $200 fine and a six-month license suspension. This law reminds drivers always to be aware of the rules they might unknowingly break.

In Pennsylvania, Drivers On Country Roads At Night Must Stop Every Mile To Send Off Flares For Livestock Crossings

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When driving on a country road at night, remember to stop every mile to set off a warning device and give livestock time to clear the road. 

It’s all about staying cautious and avoiding unexpected encounters while you’re on the road. Enjoy your drive, and stay safe! 

In Oregon, It Is Illegal To Leave Your Car Door Open For Longer Than Necessary

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In Oregon, leaving a car door open in the path of traffic or pedestrians for longer than necessary to load or unload passengers is illegal.

In New Jersey, You Are Required By Law To Honk Your Horn Before Passing Another Vehicle

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Among all the driving laws implemented in New Jersey, two peculiar and perhaps lesser-known laws have caught attention. In 1928, a law was introduced requiring all drivers to honk before passing another vehicle, cyclist, skater, or skateboarder. Surprisingly, this law needs to be more widely adhered to. 

The second law, as per CNBC, is that New Jersey is the only state in the U.S. where customers aren’t allowed to pump their gas—anywhere. Here’s why.

Kansas’ Screech-free Streets

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Do you need speed in Kansas? Keep it quiet. Tire screeching is public enemy number one and is considered a nuisance. Save the dramatic exits for the movies.

CNBC mentions that in Kansas, squealing your tires is against the law. Believe it or not, it’s a state regulation, and there are local rules to support it, too!

California’s Car Clause

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In the Golden State, transforming your car into a makeshift bedroom on public streets might result in legal trouble. So, it’s time to cancel those urban camping plans.

A California law requires all vehicles to be moved every 72 hours. If you live in a car, you must change your location every three days as long as the law is enforced.

In Colorado, It Is Illegal To Drive A Black Car On Sundays In Denver

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The reason for this unusual law is a bit puzzling. According to FOX News, State traffic law states that driving a black car on a Sunday in Colorado’s capital is considered unlawful. 

While it seems like a very old-fashioned rule, and even though it’s still a legal obligation, it’s highly unlikely that it’s enforced nowadays.

In California, It Is Illegal For Women To Drive While Wearing A Housecoat Or Bathrobe

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You read that right. It’s against the law for women to drive in California wearing a housecoat (also known as a bathrobe). 

We all know Californians care about their image, but no women in house clothes on the road? That seems a bit too strict, don’t you think?

In Arkansas, You Can’t Honk Your Car Horn Where Cold Drinks Or Sandwiches Are Served After 9 P.M. 

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This holds as per Code 1961, § 25-74 of the Little Rock, Ark. Code of Ordinances, which states: “Hey folks, just a heads up! It’s kindly requested not to honk your vehicle’s horn after 9:00 p.m. at spots serving cold drinks or sandwiches.

In Arizona, It Is Illegal To Drive A Car In Reverse On A Public Road

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It can be pretty funny or thrilling in a movie when a character drives in reverse, cruising through town in reverse gear, maneuvering turns and obstacles using the rearview mirror. 

While it might make for entertaining scenes, remember that driving in reverse on Arizona roads is unsafe and against the law.

In Alaska, It Is Illegal To Tie A Dog To The Roof Of Your Car

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Alaskans, tying your pet dog to the roof of your car is a big no-no. Believe it or not, Fido doesn’t enjoy rooftop rides.

The origin of this law is unknown, but just a heads up: in Alaska, you’ll be arrested for leashing dogs on the roof of a car.

Alabama’s Blindfold Bonanza

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In Alabama, driving while blindfolded is a no-go, even if you’re the parade star. The state has this restriction enshrined in law. Who knew that “seeing” was such an integral part of driving?

These laws, though unusual, are still in effect, and understanding them can make your driving experience more enjoyable.

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