The 13 Most Livable US States For Women, Ranked By Women

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Ladies, we’re all about making informed decisions, especially regarding where we live. This list covers whether you’re looking for inclusive work policies, top-notch healthcare, or a community that feels like home. 

Here’s the lowdown on the 13 most livable states for women, ranked by—you guessed it—women.


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Inclusive work policies and accessible healthcare empower women in Massachusetts. As of March 2024, Massachusetts boasted one of the lowest unemployment rates for women in the United States at just 2.8%! The state’s workforce is increasingly female-driven, with women’s labor participation in 2023 nearly five percentage points above the national average. This empowerment is further amplified by the state’s commitment to women’s economic security and health.

With a low unemployment rate for women, excellent quality healthcare, and a high life expectancy, it’s no wonder Massachusetts tops the list. Plus, it’s ranked as one of the best states for working mothers and having a baby.

District of Columbia

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In 2019, women in DC had the highest median annual earnings among all women in the United States, totaling $72,000.

While not a state, the District of Columbia is a powerhouse for women, boasting the highest median income and a supportive work environment. 


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Minnesota scores high on community safety and quality education. Women here enjoy a supportive social environment, making it a fantastic place to plant roots and grow. 

The vibrant culture and strong sense of community foster a feeling of belonging and comfort, making Minnesota a welcoming home for women.


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Vermont is praised for its community safety and robust educational system. Women in Vermont also benefit from supportive healthcare and economic opportunities.


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Maine offers a high quality of life, excellent healthcare access, and strong community support. It’s a haven for women looking for a balanced lifestyle. 

The sense of security and safety that comes with this support is invaluable, making Maine an ideal place for women to thrive.


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Maryland shines with its economic opportunities and supportive policies for working mothers. Women here enjoy a high quality of life and excellent healthcare services. Maryland women are doing great in income, education, and healthcare!

New York

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New York offers robust economic opportunities for women. Its vibrant culture and numerous support systems make it an attractive option for women.


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Aloha! Women in Hawaii appreciate the community safety and high-quality education. Plus, who can resist the island vibes and year-round sunshine?

New Jersey

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New Jersey boasts solid economic opportunities and excellent healthcare access. A survey discovered that when asked to rate their access to high-quality health care, most NJ residents said they had good to excellent access. 

35% of New Jersey residents rated their access as good, while 22% rated it as outstanding. It’s a great state for women looking for a supportive and dynamic environment.


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Small but mighty, Delaware offers women a supportive work environment and a high median income. It’s a hidden gem on the East Coast.


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Washington State is known for its progressive policies and access to quality healthcare. Women here enjoy a vibrant social scene and numerous economic opportunities.


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Oregon stands out with its strong community support and excellent healthcare services. It’s a fantastic place for women seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.


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Connecticut rounds out our list with its high-quality healthcare and supportive economic environment. Women in Connecticut benefit from solid educational systems and a high quality of life.

This state has been making strides in supporting the economic security of women and children by offering access to paid sick days and paid family and medical leave statewide.

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