15 Fascinating Snack and Fast Food Facts That Will Leave You Hungry

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Did you know that your favorite fast food meal has some fascinating secrets? Fast food and snacks are more than just a quick bite; they come with a history, surprising stats, and intriguing tidbits that can spark your curiosity. Let’s uncover the delicious mysteries behind our favorite snacks and fast foods.

Pringles Are Not Considered ‘Real’ Potato Chips

Image Credit: Trend Hunter

In 2008, a lower British court ruled that Pringles could not be classified as ‘potato chips’ because they contained only 42% potato content. This meant they were exempt from the VAT tax on traditional potato chips.

McDonald’s Once Launched Bubblegum-Flavored Broccoli

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In 2014, McDonald’s launched bubblegum-flavored broccoli to appeal to children and promote healthy eating.

However, the idea didn’t catch on and was scrapped after just three weeks. Some things seem just meant to stay separate, like bubblegum and vegetables.

McDonald’s Sells Roughly 75 Hamburgers Every Second


With over 38,000 locations worldwide, it’s no surprise that McDonald’s sells a lot of hamburgers.

They sell an average of 75 burgers every second! That equals around 2.5 billion burgers sold in a year. Talk about fast food.

Mountain Dew And Skittles Are Banned In Norway

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

Norway has strict regulations regarding food additives, and their health authorities have banned the consumption of Skittles and Mountain Dew in the country. The vibrant colors in Skittles are achieved using artificial colors that can cause hyperactivity.

At the same time, Mountain Dew contains bromine. This flame-retardant chemical can accumulate in the body and cause health issues—no wonder these mouth-watering treats have been banned from Norway’s market.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Contains Phthalates

Image Credit: iStock/ozgurcoskun

Mac and cheese lovers, brace yourselves. A 2017 study detailed in the New York Times found that Kraft Macaroni & Cheese contained high levels of phthalates (also known as plasticizers), chemicals linked to hormonal disruptions.

Despite this shocking revelation, Kraft dismissed the findings and claimed its products were safe for consumption.

Microwave Popcorn Associated With ‘Popcorn Lung’ Disease


In 2007, a man sued the makers of microwave popcorn for causing him to develop ‘popcorn lung’ disease. This rare condition is caused by inhaling diacetyl, a chemical used in artificial butter flavoring.

Although most brands have removed diacetyl from their products, it’s still prevalent in some microwavable popcorn brands.

Domino’s Exited Italy Due to Italians’ Disinterest in American Pizza

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By summer 2022, Domino’s made the surprising decision to close all its stores in Italy. The reason? Italians didn’t care for their American-style pizza and preferred traditional Italian pies. It shows that even a global giant like Domino’s can’t compete with local taste preferences.

Why Wendy’s Chili Doesn’t Clump

Image by Wendy’s

Have you ever noticed how the chili at Wendy’s is always smooth and free of clumps? In their U.K. restaurants, they use silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent. This ingredient prevents the chili from clumping, ensuring it stays looking ‘fresh’ for longer.

Twinkies Have A Longer Shelf Life Than Your Average Household Cleaner

Image Credit: Twinkies

Despite popular belief, Twinkies don’t have an infinite shelf life. However, due to their high sugar, salt, and preservative content, they can last for up to 45 days.

That’s longer than your average household cleaner! So, next time you do spring cleaning, maybe consider stocking up on Twinkies instead.

KitKat Was Originally Known As ‘Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp’

Image Credit: KitKat

KitKat is a household name worldwide, but it wasn’t always called that. When it was first introduced in 1935, it was known as ‘Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp.’ The name was changed to ‘Kit Kat’ in 1937, and the rest is history.

The First Fast Food Chain Wasn’t McDonald’s

Image Credit: White Castle

Although McDonald’s is synonymous with fast food, it wasn’t the first chain to popularize it. That title belongs to White Castle, founded in 1921 and focused on serving cheap and quick burgers to working-class customers. McDonald’s didn’t open its first location until 1940.

Candy Glaze Is Made from Insect Secretions

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

If you’re a fan of shiny, colorful candies, here’s something to consider—their glaze is made from the secretions of female lac bugs. While it may sound gross, shellac is also used in other products, such as nail polish and pharmaceuticals.

Skittles eliminated shellac from its products in 2009. Yet, some varieties still contain Red 40, a dye derived from carmine, which is sourced from cochineal insects.

Dunkin’ Serves Freshly Brewed Coffee

Image Credit: Dunkin

You’ll appreciate Dunkin’s commitment to freshness if you’re a coffee lover. The chain prides itself on serving freshly brewed coffee; if it’s not used within 18 minutes, it’s discarded and brewed afresh. That means customers will not have stale or reheated coffee!

Costco’s Food Court Sells So Much Pizza That It’s One Of The Largest Pizza Chains In America

Image Credit: Costco’s

Indeed, you read that correctly. Costco’s food court isn’t just an afterthought—it’s a significant contender in the pizza industry.

Ranked as the 14th largest pizza chain in the U.S., Costco has mastered its beloved pizza recipes. With large slices priced at just $1.99, it’s no surprise that customers keep returning for more.

The Inventor Of The Pringles Can Is Buried In One

Image Credit: Kellogg’s

Inventor Fredric Baur devised the idea for the iconic Pringles can and requested that it be buried in one after his death.

His children honored his wishes and placed part of his remains in a can before burying him. That’s one way to leave a lasting legacy.

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