15 Facts About Dogs That Will Change the Way You View Them

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Whoever said that diamonds are a human’s best friend never owned a dog. These four-legged furries steal our hearts, one tail wag at a time.

But there’s more to these canine companions than meets the eye (or the hand you use for petting). Prepare to be blown away by these 15 fascinating dog facts!

Dogs Have Three Eyelids

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Yes, you read that right—three! They’ve got an upper lid, a lower lid, and a nifty little thing called the ‘nictitating membrane,’ which helps keep their eye moist and protected. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Their Sense of Smell Is Legendary

Image Credit: Chiemsee

Next time your pup sniffs out that snack you thought was cleverly hidden, give them some credit.

Their sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours. Talk about smelling trouble a mile away!

Dogs Can Read Facial Expressions

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Forget poker faces; your pup knows you’re bluffing. Dogs can read and respond to human facial expressions, so they know when you’re happy, sad, or ready to play fetch.

They Dream Just Like Us


Have they ever seen your dog twitching in its sleep? It might be dreaming about chasing squirrels or playing with its favorite ball.

Researchers believe dogs have sleep patterns and brain activity similar to humans during sleep.

A Wag Doesn’t Always Mean They’re Happy

Image provided by: Daniel Flathagen

It’s a tail-tale sign, but context is vital! Tail wagging to the right can mean happiness, whereas to the left might indicate fear or aggression. Now, that’s some tail-wagging body language!

Your Dog’s Feet Might Smell Like Corn Chips


No, you’re not in a snack illusion. Some say a dog’s paws can smell like corn chips due to bacteria. Strange yet somehow endearing. Just don’t dip them in salsa!

They Can Hear Higher Frequencies

The Most Peaceful Dog Breeds on Earth
photo provided by craft your happy place.

Got a secret? Maybe don’t tell your dog. Their hearing is so good they can pick up frequencies as high as 65,000 Hz. Humans? We tap out at about 20,000 Hz.

The Basenji Is a Barkless Breed

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace.

Imagine a dog that doesn’t bark. Meet the Basenji—they “yodel.” If you’ve had it with the bark brigade, a Basenji might be music to your ears.

They Have a Special Pooping Compass

Photo by Navigator84

It’s a crappy job, but someone’s got to do it—dogs prefer to do their business in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field, typically facing north or south. Nature’s GPS, perhaps?

The World’s Oldest Dog Breed

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

The prize for the oldest-known dog breed goes to the Saluki, a regal hound that dates back to ancient Egypt. Talk about a historical perspective!

A Dog’s Nose Print Is Unique

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

Just like human fingerprints, each dog has a unique nose print. Could we see pup-centric biometrics in the future? “Paws to access your account.”

Their Whiskers Help With Navigation

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

Those adorable whiskers are more than just facial fashion—they help dogs sense environmental changes, acting as radar detectors for objects and movement.

They Sweat Through Their Paws

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

Unlike humans, dogs mainly sweat through their paws. It’s their version of cool, sweat-free foreheads. Plus, no need for deodorant—just a little paw powder, perhaps?

‘Frito Feet’ Is Real

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace

Remember the corn chip paws? Well, that smell has a name in dog lovers’ circles—’ Frito Feet.’ Thankfully, this condition is usually harmless.

There’s Science Behind Puppy Eyes

Image Credit: craftyourhappyplace.

That irresistible “puppy dog eyes” look? There’s an evolutionary reason for it. Those big eyes release a hormone in humans that might have helped dogs bond with us during domestication.

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