10 Best Pieces of Advice for People Traveling Alone

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Traveling alone should not be scary. On the contrary, it can be fun and exciting and a great way to learn, grow, and explore new places.

But it would be best if you still were prepared. According to a popular internet forum, here are some of the best advice for solo travelers.

Always Stay In Hostels

Hotel unpacking
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There are multiple advantages of staying in hostels. The most obvious advantage is that most hostels are cheaper than hotels.

However, the less obvious but more important advantage of staying in hostels lies in the fact that you get the chance to bond with other backpackers across the globe. Most hostels also organize events and games every night, adding to the fun.

Travel Light

Travel Case
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If you travel light, you can focus on enjoying the journey instead of worrying about safe places to keep your luggage.

Bring one backpack or one small suitcase and just wing it! Tip: Put a few dryer sheets in your bag to prevent it from smelling of old laundry.

Don’t Do Typical Touristy Things

Tourist being tourist
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While traveling, in general, is a lot of fun, it is great to experience the country’s authentic culture instead of visiting the typical tourist traps like popular museums or landmarks.

Hang out with the locals, eat their food, and see what they suggest you visit. This will be something you won’t ever forget.

Travel Off-Season

Off Season City
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Whenever possible, travel off-season. This will allow you to save quite a bit of money. The crowd will also be significantly less, allowing you to enjoy the locations more and capture better pictures.

Be Flexible

Flexible Schedule
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Traveling solo allows you to be the master of your schedule. If you enjoy a place more, stay longer. Allow yourself to get lost without worrying about time. One jet setter tells a story of when they were traveling solo,

“I was once crossing across Slovenia when I chanced upon the magnificent Lake Bled. I got down from the train then and there and ended up spending significant time just strolling across the lake. It was an unplanned detour, but resulted in a lifelong memory.”

Be Prepared

Preparing for Event
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Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as a passport or visa, on you at all times.

Research your destination before you go, and list things you want to see. It’s also important to know where the local police station is in case of an emergency.

Be Open To Meeting New People

Meeting People
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Don’t be shy. Get a journal and pen to encourage yourself to start meeting people. You can use these to “interview” them. Write something down about each new acquaintance or new thing you see.

Enjoy Yourself

Having FUn
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Not many people travel independently, so take a deep breath and enjoy the world around you. Have fun, explore, and take yourself out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it.

Bring A Good Book

Book Travel
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Since you will have a lot of quiet time while traveling solo, reading is a great way to spend it. Be sure to pack a good book you can read while settling down in the evening or traveling in a plane, car, or public transportation.

Tip: When you finish your book, trade it with others at the hostel you are staying in or with people you meet along your travels.

Carry A Small Mirror

Travel Mirror
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If you are traveling alone, be sure to have fun but also stay alert at all times. Carrying a small mirror with you is a great way to ensure you have eyes in the back of your head. You can use it to pretend you’re powdering your nose when looking behind you.

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