15 Things You Should Probably Stop Blaming on Millennials

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Millennials often find themselves the targets of societal blame games. From the housing market to ruining golf, there’s no shortage of things people are willing to blame this hardworking, tech-savvy generation for. 

But is this criticism warranted? Here are 15 things you should stop blaming on millennials: 

Killing the Housing Market

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It’s easy to blame millennials for not buying houses, but the reality is more complex. With rising student debt and stagnant wages, homeownership isn’t as accessible as it once was.

The American system has unfortunately burdened them with debt, lowered their wages, prevented them from buying homes—and then unfairly pointed fingers at them for everything.

Declining Napkin Sales

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According to The Washington Post, younger consumers prefer paper towels to napkins. But let’s be honest: if the biggest threat to your industry is a slight shift in paper preference, perhaps it’s time for some self-reflection rather than blaming millennials.

Ruining Department Stores

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According to a Deloitte survey, millennials are 6.4% less likely than other generations to mention shopping in department stores.

Millennials didn’t invent online shopping; they just embraced it. It’s called convenience, not sabotage. Perhaps instead of blaming millennials, we should look at how traditional retailers can adapt to the changing consumer landscape.

The Demise of Casual Dining Chains

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Based on a recent survey, millennials appreciate a nicely designed restaurant. Casual dining seems to struggle in this aspect, often linked with “kitchy design.

It’s not that millennials hate casual dining—it’s just that they love options. With food trucks, pop-up restaurants, and farm-to-table experiences, why settle for the same old? It’s like having a world of cuisines at your fingertips, and who wouldn’t want that?

The Economy

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It’s common to blame millennials for significant cultural and economic shifts, even though they act like everyone else. 

However, it’s important to note that millennials contribute to economic growth in various sectors. Blaming millennials for economic woes is a stretch. If only it were that simple.

The Decline of the Golf Industry

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Business Insider mentions that millennials aren’t really into golf. That might not bode well for the industry as a whole.

Golf courses are expensive, time-consuming, and less inclusive. Millennials are simply opting for more accessible and diverse leisure activities.

Ending Traditional Office Culture

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Remote work isn’t a millennial invention, but they’ve championed it. Flexibility, work-life balance, and productivity are the goals—why resist progress?

Forbes concurs, suggesting that Millennials aren’t the core issue. It may be the modern workplace that’s at fault.

The Fall of Bar Soap

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Millennials tend to think that bar soaps harbor germs once used. Bar soap sales have declined, but can you blame millennials for preferring liquid soap and hand sanitizers? It’s just a matter of practicality.

Destroying the Concept of Vacations

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A recent study by DepositAccounts found that 55% of millennials mentioned they didn’t vacation in the past year due to financial reasons.

Millennials aren’t killing vacations; they’re redefining them. With the gig economy and remote work, the 9-to-5 grind is evolving, and so are our ideas of time off.

The End of Diamonds

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According to CNBC, millennials are less keen on diamond jewelry than past generations, but the diamond industry is working to change that trend.

Millennials are choosing meaningful experiences over material possessions. This value shift isn’t a death knell for the diamond industry; it’s a sign of a more conscious and thoughtful consumer base.

The Shrinking Beer Industry

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Even though a recent report from Goldman Sachs blames millennials for declining beer sales, the industry appears to be in good shape overall.

If you think millennials drinking less beer is a problem, consider their growing appreciation for craft cocktails, wine, and healthy lifestyles. It’s diversification, not destruction.

The Supposed Death of Traditional Marriage

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Love comes first, and then the financial jitters kick in. Money-savvy millennials who aim for stability often pave their path instead of adhering to old norms.

Marriage rates are down, but it’s about choice and financial stability. Millennials are waiting until they’re ready—what’s wrong with that?

The Decline of Print Media

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We have not entirely abandoned print news. Surprisingly, many millennials prefer our online news to feel like print media.

Blaming millennials for the death of print is like blaming humans for the extinction of dinosaurs. Technology evolves, and so does media consumption.

Fast Fashion’s Rise

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Fast fashion is inexpensive due to insufficient worker pay. Clothes are bought in abundance, seldom worn, and swiftly discarded.

Fast fashion is problematic, but millennials are responsible for sustainable and ethical consumerism. They’re not the villains here.

The Vanishing Act of Canned Tuna

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Millennials might monitor overfishing and have concerns about mercury levels. Canned tuna isn’t seen as remarkably fresh or exciting.

We may not be Team Canned Tuna, but we’ve renewed interest in fresh, sustainable seafood options. It’s a trade-off, not a tragedy.

Every generation brings change, and millennials are no different. They are not the cause of shifts and disruptions but the catalysts for innovation and the redefinition of norms. Let’s recognize their role and embrace the progress they bring, for it is not the enemy but the beacon of a brighter future.

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